I didn’t see the game but, by all accounts, Boxy’s team is nothing to write home about. It seems it’s the same, old shite masquerading under different names; unlike the club itself, which is different shite masquerading under the same name. Nico Kranjcar, apparently, was the star of the show but had to be substituted before the match was finished. I wonder how long it’ll take this season before his legs give out completely. The guy’s going to end up in a wheelchair! But, still, he’s managed to contribute to his team’s 100% success rate in Europe.

Quite a bit of space round Auld Dignity there at a match that was supposed to be sold-out. But maybe he’s pished himself and everybody moved!

Revelling in his hero status as the vanquisher of Ashley and denier of Celtic’s titles, Honest Dave decided to ‘jet in’ and address The Peeppul before the game started. He asked them to be on their best behaviour during their ‘adventure in Europe’. He then contradicted himself by saying they should “live up to the reputation of Rangers’. Which is it, Dave? Are they to behave or live up to the reputation of the fans of the old club? Ask the residents of Barcelona, Manchester and many other places which they would prefer.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court will hand down its decision on the Big Tax Case next week. Already there are those that are anticipating titles being stripped but we all know it’s never going to happen. The boards of Celtic and every other club in Scotland will say nothing; all that matters is money. Even if any of them did say anything, they’d probably be fined for, rather ironically, bringing the game into disrepute. The Big Lie is the be-all-and-end-all as far as Hampden is concerned. If nothing is done, then for me, as for many others, the game’s a-bogey and Scottish football is a lost cause. Hopefully, the powers-that-be prove me wrong.

It’s going to be the same scenario with the TAB ruling. The Court of Session will probably decide that the Takeover Panel acted wrongly in calling King’s takeover a concert party; even though there’s plenty of evidence that it was. Ibrox has got some powerful friends in the Edinburgh Establishment, who rely on The Peeppul’s stupid unionism to keep them in their sinecures. We’re going to discover just how corrupt Scotland is in the next short while. Hopefully, it’ll make folk realise that independence is the only answer.

I was talking with my brother about The Peeppul and I mentioned how Phil Mac Giolla Bhain often speaks of their ‘hive mind’. This made me think of the wooden bird house that was in our back garden when we bought the place. No bird ever went near it but bees built a nest in it one summer. They were reasonable neighbours and pretty much kept themselves to themselves. Two years later, however, a gang of wasps moved in and we had to call in an exterminator. The guy had all the safety gear on and we had to shut all the windows while he worked. He killed all the wasps with a spray and then broke their nest into pieces. What about the wasps that are out and about? I asked. He told me that they get disoriented when they come back to find their nest gone and end up just crawling off to die somewhere.

I wonder if the same thing would happen to The Peeppul if their rancid new club was wiped out and Ibrox bulldozed. They’d buzz around for a while, shouting, “The Big Hoose! The Big Hoose!” and then crawl off to Ayrshire and Lanarkshire to die.

Unfortunately, though, they’re still with us and they and, no doubt, some of their fellow WASPS (See what I did there?) from NI, are going to take over the streets of Glasgow this weekend. They’re probably on a high at the moment with the DUP being bribed to prop up the Tory Government. The Towers of Rabble will have to stay only half-finished for the moment as they march for…why the fuck are they marching? It’s time this mob went the same way as Old Rangers.

I see the Daily Record has been running articles all week, commemorating the tenth anniversary of the attempted terror attack on Glasgow Airport. As soon as I saw this, I thought, “Aw naw!” as it’s obvious that they’ll wheel that guy Smeaton out again. This guy actually did bugger all but got a medal and loads of media coverage for acting the hard man on the telly once the incident was over. When the car crashed into the bollard and the flames started to rise, he was too busy looking for a shipyard to hide in to help anybody!

And, finally, I see that some Tory clown was arguing in the Scottish Parliament that the Scottish Government should be looking into industries where men are paid less than women. The only industry I’ve heard of where that happens is in the porn business. Most men that buy porn want to look at women, hence the reason why they’re paid more. No doubt this Tory is outraged that when he’s having a wee chug over the guy’s arse going up and down, he’s aware that the woman under the object of his lust is getting paid more. A fucking scandal, so it is!

“Awright, troops? It stull sticks in ma craw thit we’ve goat wanny they Scottish Nationlists furra nempee in oor area. Ah voted Conservative an’ Unionist, an’ Ah’ll tell ye what fur. Aye, the Tories might take away ma EBT money, ur whatever it’s called – ye know, sickness benefit ‘n ‘at. An’ ma weans might no’ get free dinners any mair an’ starve; but that disnae maitter. D’ye honestly think that Ah could, wi’ a clear conscience, watch ma weans sittin’ eatin’ when Ur Majistay’s hoose is needin’ done up? Ah mean, ye’ve goat tae get yer priorities right, hin’t ye?”


8 thoughts on “A LOT TO LIVE UP TO

  1. If the club says nothing about the big tax case then the supporters will have to make some noise.There must be avenues through UEFA to highlight this scandal and demand full accountability from the SFA. The fans would happily crowd fund any efforts on that front I’m sure.


  2. Hey Pat, there are a lot of TIMS in Lanarkshire. Blantyre and Hamilton to name two areas with loads of TIMS. That aside, I’ll accept your apology for labelling us with the HUNS. Lol. Keep up the good work.


  3. The establishment will always look after their own and guys like John James blethering his pish saying he’ll hound King out is a nonsense! That guys never got feck all right and nobody but his brain died and numerous alter egos believes that crap! The Huns and their suits will Del Boy their way into wherever they want I.e Europe and the big tax case will be a non runner- I’d bet my wee granny on that if still here god bless. Bottom line is tho Pats right they’re cack and scrambling around like a trout landed in a boat gasping for air. They’re lauded as the gullibilllys and reading their posts online and listening to guys at work it’s unbelievable how bad it is. They’re daydream believers and can take their Monkee chants and ram them! HH- Brendan and the Bhoys for another masterclass this year. We’re on the up and up whereas they’re on the methadone and anti depressants.


  4. All joking aside, what happens to people when they enter Ibrox? Even those from a completely different culture are afflicted with the contagion of bigotry and arrogance that permeates the place. ‘Official’ sectarian slogans to be daubed on the walls? ‘Official’ ban on the colour green? Will the madness never end with this club, company or whatever the fuck it claims to be this week?

    The honest clubs missed a golden opportunity to drive a stake through the heart of this monstrosity five years ago. Now it’s too late – they’re back and they’re uglier than ever. Nothing will happen whatever the verdict of the court as Celtic are fully on board with the Big Lie. Anyone expecting more than some anodyne statement of ‘surprise and disappointment’ – à la LNS commission – is deluded. No titles will be stripped and no challenge will be made to the continuity myth – Celtic fans who believe otherwise are as gullible as any Hun.

    PS: Fed up too of former players who allow the media to parade them as Uncle Tims to tell us to ‘move on’ and games were ‘won on the pitch’. They weren’t the ones spending their money on a rigged game. If they don’t care about medals, they could at least care about the mugs who paid their wages.

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    1. God save our Raynjurz team
      From wearing boots of green
      They are obscene.
      Slogans notorious,
      Crappy, vainglorious
      Let us paint over us
      And the away team.

      God grant that wee Pedro
      Doesn’t to chapel go
      With his signings.
      Ban the sign of the cross,
      And rosary beads of course.
      Don’t say Pope Francis is the boss,
      Say it’s Dave King.


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