As many of you might know, I’ve been on ESA for quite a while now. After the constant bullying I suffered when a teacher, I doubt if I’d be able to work anywhere. I don’t respond to criticism very well anymore and can get extremely bad-tempered when I think I’m being treated unfairly. Whereas I used to, like everybody else, just fume silently and get on with things, I lash out like a drunken Hun. I can feel quite violent, which, considering I’ve never been much of a fighter, could end up with me coming off second-best in any kind of fist-fight. I certainly wouldn’t be a pleasure to work with!

When I receive royalties for sales of my books, I always declare them to the DWP. I don’t make that much so it’s never affected my benefits. If, however, I started to make piles of cash and didn’t bother to declare it, I’d have to do a lot of lying and hiding of papers if I didn’t want to end up being prosecuted. That’s what The Peeppul don’t understand; Rangers did hide all the paperwork to do with their tax-dodging. If there was nothing untoward about what they were doing, then there wouldn’t have been any need for side letters. They cheated and they know fine well that they did.

The reaction of Club 1872 to the suggestion of title-stripping is a lot like some of my reactions; it’s illogical and downright threatening. The difference is that I’m seeing a doctor and am on anti-depressant medication. They, on the other hand, believe that their reaction is normal. Since there has been no criticism of it in the press, then I guess that they see it as normal as well; or, at least, that’s how they’ve been told to view things.

Phil Mac Giolla Bhain and Clumps can often drive me nuts when they post on Twitter to highlight posts on their blogs. You follow the link and get the feeling that you’ve read it before; then you look at the date… Sometimes, though, the old post is completely apt for what is currently going on. Clumps’s post on using child abuse as a point-scoring exercise is such a one and is worth reading, even if you’ve seen it before. Find it here.

It’s something that doesn’t seem to penetrate the thick skulls of The Peeppul; nobody in the Celtic support wants to cover up anything, least of all child abuse. If an enquiry found that there was a paedophile ring at Celtic, then arrests and prosecutions should follow, along with compensation for the victims from Celtic FC. Nobody at all would criticise that. Any such enquiry, however, has to involve every aspect of football in Scotland, from the grass-roots upward. With recent revelations, the SFA has received calls to institute such an enquiry. They appear, however, extremely reluctant to do so. I wonder why.

Equally, nobody among the Celtic support is going to complain if certain tax dodges used by Celtic players result in them facing demands for the money or even being jailed. Football players earn more than enough without grasping at more. It should be pointed out, though, to the cretinous Club 1872 that these tax-dodging schemes were signed up to by individual players, not the club. Many footballers, as well as showbiz celebrities and business people, use these dodges all over the UK and it’s past time they were clamped down on.

You might find this next bit strange, but I don’t believe that ex-employees of the defunct Rangers FC should have to pay a penny. They weren’t the ones that dodged tax; that was the club. As somebody recently pointed out on Twitter, the net money received by any player would have to have been doubled to include tax, which should have been deducted by his employer. The players didn’t win from the use of EBTs; it was the club, which saved a fortune on wages. Besides, any side letters I’ve seen posted on Twitter and the like clearly state that the player will not be liable if it all goes tits-up; any losses due to taxation will be met by the club. Note that it says THE CLUB, not THE COMPANY. Honest Dave’s cronies might have to dig a bit deeper with their loans if they want to continue with the ‘same club’ fallacy.

The media, meanwhile, wants us all to forget everything that happened and ‘move on’; it all happened a good while ago, after all. Perhaps they’d like to say that to the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, or Operation Yewtree. In fact, let’s forget all historic cases of abuse, murder or fraud. It’s a pretty untenable position.

A further point; one which might sound a bit cold, but I don’t mean it that way. Let’s just, as The Peeppul desire, concentrate on Celtic for the moment and ignore, as they do, the child abuse that went on at other clubs. We already know that child abuse occurred at Celtic Boys Club and that others at Celtic might well have been involved; how does that affect the titles the club won? It’s a matter for the police, not the rules and regulations of football. If we are to take major crimes by individuals as a reason to strip titles, then surely staving in the back of somebody’s skull with an oar should also count in such a context.

Speaking of the Bird Man of Govan, I see many of The Peeppul are now demanding that their wartime titles be included in their ‘record-breaking’ total. Which titles are we talking about here? After all, Rangers, unlike other clubs that struggled to put a team on the pitch, had enough personnel in ‘reserved occupations’ to have teams in two, separate leagues. Do they really want to open that particular ‘can of worms’?

Finally, an appeal on behalf of…well, myself. My re-application for ESA was recently turned down, though I am strenuously appealing the decision. Don’t worry, however, things might be a bit tight buy I’m not having to keep ‘belly from backbone’. I’m not quite of the standard of Billy ‘Burger’ King, but it would take a good bit of starving before my belly-button became intimately acquainted with my spine! So what can you do? Well, I’m not asking for donations. What I’d appreciate is if you’d maybe take a bit of time to promote my books, especially the Neo-Gers saga, on Celtic media. Maybe just mention that Clash of the Agnivores is worth a look. Thanks. If you can’t manage it, then ego te absolvo.

“Awright, troops? Huv yez goat yer briefs fur the Sellick game it Windsor Park? It’s gonny bae some few days, gettin’ pished an’ singin’ an’ Taig-baitin’ oan the Eleventeenth an’ the Glorious Twelfth an’ then a couple-a days tae sober up tae watch they fuckin’ Tarriers get knoacked oot-y Europe. Jist mind, boays, we’ve goat God oan wur side! Mibbe aw the Sellick players’ll choke oan the lingerin’ fumes-a burnin’ tyres ur sumhin’. Ma gout’s gonny bae playin’ up like hell, but what the fuck! If ye canny get pished oan the Twelfth, then what’s the point-y livin’? Fur God an’ Ulster, eh?”


17 thoughts on “MY FELLOW MENTAL CASES

  1. No, don’t agree regarding the players who received EBTS, let’s say a player is offered 20k from Celtic whilst being offered 40k from RFC1872 with a side letter then they know there is something dodgy going on, therefore they knowingly took advantage of tax evasion, so Hector should hunt them down. Remember however much the club evaded, it didn’t do much for them at the end did it?


    1. On the other hand, a player will be looking at his net wages. Both Celtic and Rangers might have offered 20k net, but this would have cost Celtic 40k. The side letters benefited the club, not the players, who could have got the same net wage elsewhere.


      1. Would the players agents not tell them that potentially there could be ramifications now or in the future a bit like a solicitor gives advice, you take it or leave it at the end of the day.


  2. Hi paddy I’ve recently came across yourself and would like to say I enjoy your blog pal my email will be down below send me the names or links to have a look at your books so I can see if they are something I’d be interested in reading if so I’d happily purchase a few to help with the cause of keeping the updates from billy and the big house must stay open series ha ha keep up the good work you delever something different from the rest.,,,,,Phil is my go to guy but I only stumbled across you recently like a said so I’ll keep an eye on future blogs bud…..god bless HH


  3. Hi Pat sorry to hear about the cut in your benefits but hang on in there on appeal as a big guy along the road here has just been successful but you have to put up a bit of a fight. It is almost as if they just cut a heap then deal with the appeals rather than research individual cases. Will give the books a punt and see how we go.
    The EBT saga rumbles on and I would just like to see the titles removed but not handed out again as how do you sort out cup competitions. The bores on SFM have a new lease of life and our old pal JJ is having a great time posting other peoples take on things with a comment from the great man himself. I see you did not make it onto the JJ list of blogs who have offended him so you must make more of an effort.


  4. Bought a couple of your books, up to our knees and fear and smear, which to my own guilt, were supposed to be presents for my father and ended up keeping for myself! Great reads, great man, your honesty and acceptance for all are greatly appreciated and I spread the word when I can! God bless,


  5.    Fair play to JJ, some of his recent stuff on Orangeism and title-stripping has been quite good. Have you noticed, however, that he often claims to have received no donations over a certain period only to have a flood of comments from people saying they did donate and asking if it went through? What’s he playing at? He has also taken to naming and shaming those who don’t chip in meaning his blog is dominated by sycophants – hardly the ‘speakeasy’ he claims it to be.
       The SFM might be a bit dry at times but there are a lot of intelligent people on it who can deconstruct the nonsense emanating from Ibrox, Hampden and their pals in the media.


    1. I find that odd myself, however he allows those comments through, so if he had anything to hide he wouldn’t, he seems to get an awful lot of stick which is unfair in my mind, so i can see why he names and shames he has to trawl through each and every email to see if they are worth adding to the site. Some feller who has my surname but unrelated left 100 comments, made me chuckle a bit but there’s a fair few numpties out there.


    2. I wasn’t suggesting he was up to something, just can’t understand why he isn’t more in control of his finances since he’s so short of cash. (Maybe he’s a Hun after all!).
      I think people criticise him because much of his stuff is rehashed from other sites and he is a bit of a fantasist. But he does come up with the goods on occasion and is always worth a read.
      His comments section is now lost in a morass of PayPal numbers. He could use the system Pat employs here – after passing the original comment any later posts from the same email go through automatically. The site moderates itself and numpties can still be blocked later if they cross the line.


  6. Hang on a minute, Pat! Bad temper? Aversion to criticism? Thoughts of violence? These are all traits of supporters of a certain club – is there something you want to tell us? Ego te absolvo


  7. Just found your great site pat bhoy,been reading your e books,outstanding ,keep up the great work.Hail hail🥇⚽️🤸‍♂️🤹‍♂️🐕


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