Der Fuhrer and I were watching The Chase and one of the celebrities on the team was Harry Redknapp. Der Fuhrer didn’t like the look of him and asked me about him. Not following English football, I had to Google him. I’d heard of him, of course, but knew nothing about him. A quick glance at Wikipedia told me that there wasn’t really anything contentious to report. I did notice, though, that when he became manager of Southampton, the supporters of Portsmouth, his previous club, called him ‘Judas’ and ‘Scummer’ and wore tee-shirts telling him to ‘Rot in Hell’. That’s all part-and-parcel of football rivalry.

And then we come to Scotland, where the Stevie Clarke incident has forced the media to actually admit that sectarian bigotry is real. It started off as a squirrel, to cover up the activities of another cheating referee, but it’s taken on a life of its own. The agnivores are desperately trying to argue that Celtic supporters are just as bad as The Peeppul in this respect; unfortunately, they’re failing miserably. James Black, the Daily Record’s so-called ‘Rangers (sic) Blogger’, for example, churns out the old Hun Media moans about sectarianism from theym being ignored. As he puts it:

“I’m sure some will just call this all ‘whataboutery’ and dismiss it but there’s a genuine perception that there’s little interest in stopping anti-Protestant sectarianism.”

What anti-Protestant sectarianism would that be? I take it he means calling Kris Boyd an ‘Orange bastard’. That’s got nothing to do with him being a Protestant; it’s because he played for Rangers and Neo-Gers. Ibrox has been, and still is, associated with the Orange Order and not a thing has been done to stop this. In fact, it’s actively encouraged. There are no anti-Protestant songs sung by Celtic supporters; certainly none that I’ve ever heard. As I’ve mentioned before, though, I know all the words to the Billy Boys and some of The Famine Song because I’ve heard them on the telly so many times.

In fact, there are very few songs that The Peeppul sing that don’t mention Celtic, Catholics or Ireland. If you Google ‘Rangers songs’ you’ll come across some ditties that have nothing bigoted about them. The language in them, though, is extremely old-fashioned, betraying the fact that they were most likely written in Victorian times. Those days were probably the last time such songs were heard on the Ibrox terraces as well.

James Black also makes implications about a banner that said, “Know your place, Hun scum.” He says,

“…picture the uproar if the Union Bears were to show up at an Old Firm game with a banner proudly telling Celtic fans to ‘know your place Fenian scum.'”

The big difference there is that ‘Hun’ simply refers to the Ibrox teams and their followers, while ‘Fenian’ is a bigoted term for Catholics. He fails to mention the said Union Bears’ ‘March Against the Fenians’, where they dressed as terrorists, covered their faces, let off flares and made Nazi salutes while carrying a banner showing someone with a Celtic top being kicked in the head. This wasn’t inside a football stadium. It was on the street. With a police escort, no less.

Also in the Daily Record, we have the ned’s ned, Barry Ferguson, bemoaning the fact that he was called an ‘Orange bastard’ in front of his children. Richard McGinley, who’s obviously far more observant that me, pointed out, on Twitter, that wee Kyle, on the left, was wearing a scarf that exhorted Catholics to ‘Stick your Rosary beads up your arse’, while The Celtic Goals spotted that Barry himself was clad in a scarf bearing the lyrics of a Loyalist song, Build My Gallows High, I believe it’s called.

“Daddy, how come they call you an Orange bastard?”
“Coz Ah um wan, son. Noo shut the fuck up an’ sing The Sash like evrybdy else!”

Next up, we’ve got soup-taker extraordinaire, Nacho Novo, claiming that Celtic are like the Mafia, running football in Scotland and the media…sorry…mhedia as well. While totally agreeing with Novo, those on Hun Media…Mhedia…no, it’s Media, unless Celtic is running that too, point out how Novo was abused by Celtic supporters, being called an ‘Orange bastard’. “And him a Kafflick, tae! Thur no’ right in the heid, they Taigs!” That’s Nacho Novo they’re talking about. This Nacho Novo here.

So, why did I mention Harry Redknapp at the start of this tirade? Well, I was pointing out how deeply football rivalries go. It’s the same in Scotland; on one side at any rate. With the close affiliation between the Orange Order and  Rangers/Neo-Gers, singing that somebody’s a ‘Fat Orange bastard’ or a ‘Sad Orange bastard’ is merely a symbol of that rivalry, just like those Portsmouth fans. The word ‘Fenian’, on the other hand, as everyone knows, means ‘Catholic’. It’s easy to see where the bigotry’s coming from. I’d agree with some folk on Twitter, though, that calling Craig Levein an ‘Orange bastard’ isn’t on; unless, of course, somebody knows something I don’t!

That scarf worn by Barry Ferguson’s wee boy speaks volumes. It could be argued that he (Barry) didn’t know what it said but I’m sure I’m not the only dad that would check first. The very fact, though, that such a scarf exists in the first place shows the sheer hatred pouring out of The Peeppul. If I were one of those rare folk, a Catholic that hates Protestants, do you think I’d be able to find a Celtic scarf that mocks the beliefs of members of a Protestant church? And therein lies the difference.

I’d noticed on Twitter that some Celtic supporters seemed to believe that ‘both sides are as bad as each other’, so I asked for examples of sectarian bigotry among the Celtic support. There was the usual stuff about IRA songs and the like, but, really, nobody could think of anything, apart from some song that ends with the line, ‘Soon there’ll be no Protestants at all’ and some version of Roamin’ in the Gloamin‘; neither of which I’ve ever heard. I’ve certainly never heard them booming out my telly’s speakers, like the Billy Boys.

According to some folk on Twitter, the IRA stuff should be cut out because it gives others the excuse to point fingers. Remember, though, that The Peeppul find even The Fields of Athenry and Grace offensive. The truth is, if Strict Liability were to be introduced and Celtic were docked points for the waving of an Irish flag or for supporters singing Roll of Honour, an appeal to UEFA would work wonders. There is a world of difference between political songs and songs of pure hatred for a religion and a nation; UEFA have already decided on this. The Peeppul, though, don’t see things this way.

I’ve seen on Hun Media statements about how ‘Old Firm’ matches will now be popular worldwide because of Steven Gerrard. That means that the whole world will see what those Taigs are really like. The problem with that is that the rest of the world don’t view things through orange glasses. With streets named after Bobby Sands and countries everywhere understanding why anyone would want colonialists out of their nation, do The Peeppul really believe that the whole world is going to be up in arms about ‘IRA’ songs?

One good thing about all this furore is that we’re getting to see some people’s true colours. Chick Young, for example, was on the radio, saying that the way to eradicate sectarian bigotry is to get rid of Catholic schools. Now, that’s a bigot’s solution. It’s like saying the best way to stop racism is to get rid of all the black people. My mother used to live in Millport and was always saying that the place was ‘fuull-a Orange bastards’. Wee Chick’s never away from the place – I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

I’ve mentioned this before on here but, in Scotland, there’s no such thing as a Non-Denominational school; certainly not in the primary sector. Scottish law makes RE compulsory in primary schools, with the emphasis on Christianity. That means that, effectively, ND schools are Protestant schools, with local ministers coming in to take assemblies and the like. I’ve worked in both types of school and if there’s any hint of sectarian bigotry, the cleric is shown the door, whether Catholic, Church of Scotland or whatever; I’ve seen it happen. If, however, all children have to attend the same school, then we’d have to go down the American route with religion left outside at the door. I wonder how the Orange Order would feel about that!

I followed the link provided by Stephen Hawkings Football Boots and watched big Jabba banging on about ‘fairness’ and accusing BBC Scotland of all manners. One ironic point he makes is that apologies don’t mean much since the damage has already been done. It’s ironic because this is exactly what’s happening with his paymasters. Daniel Bachmann’s red card has been overturned, but the damage has already been done; Neo-Gers got through to the next round of the Scottish Cup. But we’re not supposed to mention the cheating; we’ve to concentrate on sectarian bigotry. And that’s where we came in.

Rant over.

“Awright, troops? Wee Chick wiz right, wae need tae get rid-y aw they Kafflick schools. They’re the wans causin’ aw the bother wi’ bigotry in this country. Iz soon iz they get in the door, thur indoactric indoacter brainwaashed intae hatin’ Proddissints. They learn aw aboot how tae make bombs an’ how tae use guns an’ normal schoolin’ iz jist ignored. That’s how, when they leave school, they’ve nae qualifications an’ know fuck all. Then, when they cannae get a joab, they don’t blame thur schools, they start greetin’ aboot Proddissints an’ Masons stoappin’ thum. An’ stupid cunts believe thum. An’ then they call us bigots. Dirty Feenyin basturts!”

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15 thoughts on “SHOT BY BOTH SIDES

  1. Arry Redknapp will always be known for looking like a ballsack and hanging out of a Range Rover window on Transfer deadline day, going ‘ We ad a little look at im’

    Pat I said you’re going to have more trouble getting people to understand what Sectarianism is and you’ve proved that. All week the radio and the media has equalised it, and its wrong.

    As for songs the IRA stuff is generational, people my age will know about the IRA and possibly the history but be totally switched off from songs about it and not understand it, and frankly don’t care. In my opinion that can only be a good thing as it will all be left behind…. Eventually


  2. Morning AT,

    this is interesting, but i think I’ve got to the bottom of the flat earth theory.

    Its a money spinner to take the money of the naive, big conferences, books sold and all sorts of other stuff. Whats odd about flat earthers is that they don’t seem to accept North,East ,South and West either.


  3. Your final point is bang on the money pat.the SFA want one week we’re thier diabolical performance wasn’t in the lime light ahem roll out the bigotry card. We fell right into it, we need to stop dancing to Thier tune and demand reform, get they bastards out tea fuck


  4. I see the Fireguard bores describing the Orange Order as a “christian charitable ” group . That is a bit like describing Hitler as a naughty boy or Billy Fullerton as a wee scamp . I am not sure if they are this thick or just trying to wind people up but lets ban catholic schools and leave the OO to get on with their charitable work . Aye right . Banning the OO from marching would be a good starting point and if they want to celebrate their culture they can hire a field to do it in .

    Liked by 1 person

  5. You’re correct about differing perspectives on what constitutes “sectarian” or “offensive”. I remember a few years ago reading about some halfwit in Lanarkshire demanding the closure of a swimming pool in Hamilton and sackings all round because the PA system was blaring out “sectarian” music. Seems the DJ on duty that day committed the cardinal sin of airing a 60s compilation including “You’ll Never Walk Alone” by Gerry and the Pacemakers. Sad isn’t it?


  6. A good three points in the bag despite the unsporting behaviour of the Motherwell players . A big deal being made of the conduct of Motherwell but it was no more unsporting than all the diving that goes on and then we come to the downright cheating of match officials . It has gone quiet on sectarianism as I suspect as a squirrel it has done its job and deflected from the match fixing that went on to ensure Stevie’s wonders got through in the cup .
    SFM are branching out with their nature corespondent John Clarke commenting on a few geese flying over Edinburgh . Only a matter of time before we have a cooking feature from uber troll Rearpipe and trainspotting with our forensic friend JJ . A field guide on spotting synthetic Irishmen would be a good idea for a feature but who could we get to write it ?


      1. Yes . For some reason I have to enter my details every time I post and when I click on the boxes it fills them in but it only did one letter .


  7. I see Kenny Macintyre and Tom English are desperate for Rodgers to leave!

    Looking forward to the end of season review of Gerrard’s tenure!

    As for that weasel Neil McCann he was given far too much to spout his drivel, he says he cannot or wouldn’t dream about walking up the Celtic way for fear of receiving abuse. I have seen Billy Dodds walk up right past me within yards going into Celtic Park with Sportsound with lots of people noticing him and not a word said, there’s no difference between the pair of them, both former huns and both shit pundits, McCann looking to stir it up.


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