Things are going from bad to worse. It turns out that he won’t be facing any charges, but the very fact that the SFA was even considering hauling Joe Worrall up was a load of complete nonsense. The SFA must think Celtic supporters are all sensitive wee souls like The Peeppul. I mean, why would anyone get upset over somebody saying, “Fuck the Celtic”? That’s the way it should be; no Fenians, Taigs or Tarriers. If you support one team, it’s only natural that you hate the others. The hatred of The Peeppul, however, has got nothing to do with football. If anything, Worrall’s statement was a breath of fresh air!

I was reading that Celtic players have fallen foul of this ‘not acting in the best interests’ shite before. At least nobody was banned or fined for it. They wouldn’t fucking dare. After all, if slagging off rival teams is such a dreadful crime, then, surely, Neo-Gers, and the deid team before it, should have been castigated long ago for “Celtic know all about their troubles” blasting over their PA.

The best bit of the Joe Le Taxi video is the skanky burd sitting next to him. You’ve got to laugh at her saying, “No surrender” when she’d clearly already surrendered everything she’s got. And not for the first time either!

Meanwhile, the big fight outside Nacho Novo’s pub continues to reverberate among the Huns. There was a thread on Follow Follow about it, with some of them claiming that it all happened in the beauty salon next door and had nothing to do with Novo’s pub. So, let’s see, a pub full of drunken bigots, fired up by an Orange band or a place where they stick on shellac fingernails and the only orange to be seen is in all the fake tans. God, that’s a hard one.

Incredibly, some of the mental bastards were claiming to have seen a gang of ‘Tarriers’ going into different pubs along Paisley Road West, trying to cause trouble. The implication, obviously, was that Celtic supporters were responsible. What a load of shite, especially when you think of that nose being bitten off. Can you imagine any Celtic supporter exposing himself to a mouthful of Hun snotters? As you might imagine, the thread has now disappeared.

If you hadn’t known that Nacho Novo was a Hun, you soon would after reading what he had to say about the incident. Yes, he says he’s ‘devastated’ and he and his staff have sent their best wishes to the man that was attacked, but he then goes on to prove his Hun credentials, saying,

“The attacker involved in the incident is not affiliated with the bar and not a regular of the bar.
This could’ve potentially taken place anywhere on Paisley Road, he just happened to stumble into our bar that day.”

He just happened to stumble into a bar where a Sash Bash was in full swing; that certainly wouldn’t take place anywhere else on Paisley Road.

Kris Boyd is seemingly getting upset about all the things being thrown at players. He’s practically tearing his hair out; something he really can’t afford to do. He’s a bit late to the party, though. Maybe if he’d condemned The Peeppul, who’ve been doing this kind of thing for years now, he’d seem a bit more sincere. Where was he when Leigh Griffiths had a battery thrown at him? And it wasn’t a wee AAA one either, but a big, fucking HP2; the kind you used to put in the torch you got in your Christmas stocking! It seems it’s only a concern when a Neo-Gers player is involved. Then again, Boyd is probably jealous because nobody’s ever thrown a pie at him. And that coconut’s got his belly rumbling as well.

Back on Follow Follow, they’re doing their nuts over a graph showing the teams supported by MPs at Westminster. The only Neo-Gers supporters among them are in the DUP and, even then, only two of them have declared allegiance to Ibrox. What happened to that wee lassie, Mhairi Black? I thought she supported them; or has she changed her mind? As one of The Peeppul puts it,

“You get what you vote for, Rangers (sic) hating scum. You can change it at the ballot box if you really want to.”

So, they’re going to base their vote on what team the candidates support. What kind of fucking moron does that? It doesn’t matter if you end up redundant, your kids sleeping on the streets and your life expectancy 40 years or less; as long as your MP supports Raynjurz, then all’s right with the world. They really are off their fucking heads.

Did you see that story about the guy that had all manner of dodgy books and videos showing women having sex with dogs, snakes, eels and God knows what other kinds of brute? I wonder if he’s got any with women having sex with bloody great silverbacks. If so, then it might explain where The Peeppul come from.

“Awright, troops? Ah’d like tae scotch a fuckin’ evil rumour thit’s been daein’ the rounds oan the internet. Thur’s folk sayin’ thit it wiz me thit bit that cunt’s nose aff an’ thur sayin’ Ah ate the fuckin’ hing. It’s a load-a shite. Thur tryin’ tae make oot like Ah’m some fat, greedy cunt, when Ah’m jist big-boned. An’ ye’ll no’ get me eatin’ human flesh. Ah’ll no’ even go doon oan ma Betty coz it’s against everyhin’ thit God an’ Ulster staun’ fur.”

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  1. Not to mention a bottle of buck fast, im sure he got booked for pointing that out to the ref as well!

    Novo’s only trying to protect his licence!

    Monti, that pc brigade has some tentacles clearly nothing to do with merit, Danica Patrick clearly just a chancer. Ronda Rousey would kick your arse in a few seconds.


  2. Good morning from Jockistan . I see we are still to take back control from the EU and the can has been kicked down the road until Halloween though Guy Fawkes night would have been better . This shower of numpties would struggle to run a bath and I hope they pay the price at the next election. It could be time to tell them to bugger off as they have had their chance at Brexit and blew it . Where this leaves the Indy campaign I am not sure .
    Phil has quite a good post about the Good Friday agreement though he does try to bum up his own republican credentials and his granny is AWOL. Also ” his mountain ” has shrunk and it is now ” his hill ” . JJ is being his usual self telling everyone that will listen how humble he is , begging for any spare change and having a pop at Phil so despite the picture of a black hole all is well with the universe . I wonder if it was the blackhole that swallowed the Minge as he is still missing or it could be that given his uncanny likeness to JJ himself the unionist death squads have bumped him off by mistake .


    1. Pat, you are a master of satire. As always another great read. I know what you mean Hector about the “Donegal Man” pushing his credentials. He’s like the “Irish” version of the Scottish parents in Mike Myers “I married an axe murderer”. I’m sure if he could get a blood transfusion to green, he’d do it to prove how Irish he was. Wouldn’t surprise me if he’s known locally as “the Pl@stic Paddy”.


  3. Come aff it, Anderson! Nae Gers fan wid bite aff sumday’s nose – it sounds like a flesh-eatin’ zombie tae me. The question is, why wis he drinkin’ in a Raynjurz pub?😬😬😬


  4. Good morning . Have we taken back control yet as that Brexity thing was supposed to have happened and the NHS was to be getting the hundreds of millions of pounds we spunked in Europe . Bible Bill is beside himself and getting the vapours as Mrs May and her bunch of clowns have delayed Brexit until Halloween . Strong language from Silly Billy accusing them of outright treason and muttering about the time for direct action so we can expect a march to a closed building and a display that nobody can read by the Onion Bears at the asbestos dome .
    Blogger of the decade at least in his own mind JJ is all over the Julian Assange story . Our forensic friend a sort of poor man’s Assange warns that the treatment of Jules could lead to the locking up of other whisteblowers . If the whistleblowers in question are Bobby Madden , Willie Collum and Douglas Ross I say go for it and perhaps JJ himself could be taken into protective custody for his own good . I see one little scamp in the comments section of Phil’s blog asking our oh so Irish friend why he does not do a blog on Assange . Is it you in disguise JJ or perhaps the Minge as you are hard to tell apart .

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I feel for Julian Assange, he’s about to be shat on from a great height, him and Manning will end up cell mates for eternity..

      Odd how governments can spy on you or i, bomb the fuck out of anyone and anything with impunity but to uncover such an act or acts leads to you having to hide away for years to then be jailed forever.

      Assange via wikileaks is one of the finest and reliable sources of information which has never been wrong, long may it continue.

      The ‘Light em up’ video is sickening and the tip of the iceberg, that sort of thing should always be revealed.


  5. Have a great day to any of you getting to the game today . The Vanguard bears are banging on about Scotland being pro Nazi using a newspaper article from 2013 as proof . Where do you start ? Considering the VBs sing about a fascist at every game and are big fans of the royal family and the Orange Order enough said . They also seem to have common ground with Phil the polymer as they also have a thing about MS Black MP and hate Scotland . We live in interesting times .


  6. So far only seen internet clips but it looks like Aberdeen planned to foul Celtic out of the game and when they failed spat out the dummy . Two players , a manager and a coach get their marching orders and Neil Lennon is sent to the stand because Scott Brown smiled at an Aberdeen player . OK the last bit is made up . My friends from Mordor are now Hearts fans as the dread of T3 becomes very real . Young Ferguson looks like he is trying to get a Sevco move and why he managed to stay on the pitch for so long is one of the mysteries of the Craft . A good day and diet Huns inthe final /


  7. Odd that the fallout from Sunday isn’t the sendings off for Aberdeen, maybe they aren’t high profile enough to warrant all sorts of media and government attention compared to Celtic or Rangers, but the behaviour was a disgrace! Mcinnes is playing a blinder diverting attention away from himself and his team as he was on the receiving of end some hate filled songs, he’s used to it as he says so im surprised he reacted in such an important game, where as he’s said fuckall before. weird, almost as if hes making it up as an excuse for his own behaviour.

    I see Notre Dame has gone up in smoke, while it is a shame, the news is full of every sycophant mourning the loss of a building they had to look up on Wikipedia to remember what it is and is currently scouring their disney film collection to find the VHS to reminisce.

    I have to say as far as cathedrals go, its shite! I visited in 99 whilst it was covered in scaffolding being cleaned in preparation for the year 2000! Its grey and beige, and boring. Sacre Coeur is far more impressive, so every cloud, they’ll be busier.

    Least it gives Macron a diversion from all the rioting and head cracking of his people and an opportunity to try unite the french people by robbing them of more money they dont have, yes donations and a fund will be required to help fix this cathedral, the church is known for struggling for a few quid. hmmm


  8. As Notre Dame was burning a lot of twitter users were asking the whereabouts of Muriel Gray which was dark humour at its best . Before the spire had even fallen publicity hoor Chris Packham was trying to make some point about global extinction as a few tree huggers and drugged up hippy types had a march in London that day . Packham is great at telling us all what to do as he jets about the planet eating his vegan snacks made from palm oil trying to sell his own brand tatty T shirts and promoting his partners bloody zoo .
    Phil the polymer is talking about real journalism and the reporter that uncovered the corruption in the football association in his adopted country . This story got bye our hero as he was working on plastic paddygate at the time . JJ is supposed to be reporting live on a court case in London about Sevco but you have to pay for his forensic feed so I will just have to pass . Not sure if JJ has jetted in for the case or just got the train from Central like everyone else from Girvan when they go on their holidays I am sure he is safe as loyalist hitmen always take a week off over Easter .


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