I’ve been busy down the swear-word mines, writing Part 6 of the Neo-Gers Saga. I’m nearly finished and then it’s just a case of editing and sorting the layout. I’m running out of punk bands for the title and chapter headings. There are plenty I could use but the song titles don’t always fit my chapters. I think I might have to use the Monochrome Set instead.

By God, there are some Huns definitely hurting like hell out there. Not only was it ‘not a penalty’ but it seems Scott Brown was ‘squaring up’ at the end. They’re even celebrating over on Follow Follow because the open-topped bus parade had to be cut short. I suppose these tiny, pathetic victories are all they have.

And the glass-half-empty brigade are out in force, bemoaning the fact that Neil Lennon’s been offered the manager’s job. Did they honestly think that Celtic could afford to splash out on some of the names that were being bandied about? Remember, Lenny left before because the board wouldn’t back him, so, if he takes the job, I’d imagine some firm promises would have to be forthcoming. And wouldn’t the money saved by Rodgers slithering off be better spent on players than on another manager trying to earn his way back to the EPL?

Speaking of which, as folk have already been saying on here, JJ has made an absolute arse of himself, and continues to do so. I rarely visit his site unless somebody on here mentions him, which a lot of you have been doing. I noticed that when he was telling us that Moyes was on his way that he announced he was a ‘journalist’. Well, he got that right since he shovels as much of the brown stuff as anybody in the Daily Record or Evening Times. And now he’s threatening to ‘resign’. Who does he think he is, Theresa May? It seems he does, since he’s putting it to the vote. It’s a restricted electorate, though, since you can only vote if you’ve stumped up for his forensic journalism. There are already folk pleading with him not to go. I think Hector’s right, though, and these characters are simply figments of JJ’s imagination.

JJ admires a portrait of himself with one of his friends.

Sticking with ‘journalism’ and surely the Evening Times should be renaming itself The Peeppul’s Friend. It was the only ‘newspaper’ to give the Orange Order a voice in its desperate quest to be allowed to march past Catholic churches and shout, “Fenian bastards!” at anyone that happens to be around. They’re coming out with the usual shite about no-go areas for Protestants. They’ve made a slight change to that, saying that there are now no-go areas for folk that are identifiably Protestant. I take it from that they mean fat gorillas dragging their knuckles along the street. Mind you, that doesn’t point to them being Protestants, merely members of The Peeppul.

A Protestant.


Talking of cunts, I see Joseph Devine, ex-Bishop of Motherwell has died. I’ve always been of the opinion that if you’re a cunt when you’re alive, death doesn’t diminish your cuntishness one iota. And Joseph Devine was a cunt. He’s the one that kicked me out of Catholic schools. Nobody in Glasgow had a problem with me not being married. As one priest pointed out, it wasn’t as if I was sleeping with somebody different every weekend. Then I got a temporary post out Easterhouse way and discovered that the area came under Motherwell diocese. I was summoned to Mothewell to ‘discuss’ things with the Bishop’s representative.

I was told that not only could I not work in Catholic schools, but that I was banned from taking Communion as well. The priest’s face turned red when I mentioned that I’d been at Stirling University. He had good reason to be embarrassed. The Catholic chaplain at Stirling was one Father Des Lynagh. It wasn’t until the 1990s that the news broke that Lynagh was a kiddie-fiddler, who had been moved to Stirling by his bishop, Joseph Devine. I asked the Bishop’s rep why it was okay for this pervert to consecrate the Eucharist but I wasn’t allowed to take it. He had no answer to this, but merely said that the Bishop had made his decision. As I said, a cunt.

I can’t be the only one that found the recent Graham Dorrans saga a bit hard to swallow. Firstly, we were told that he’d been ‘bottled’ and then it turned out that it was somebody in his crowd that threw the bottle. Dorrans had simply received a punch or a push and, being a Neo-Gers player, went down like a sack of Jersey Royals and hit his head off the kerb. He needed stitches for his wound, which, of course, makes him a hero in the eyes of The Peeppul.

At first, when they thought he’d been bottled, they were out for blood; Fenian blood. Their automatic assumption was that it was a Celtic supporter that did it. They always assume that because they do that kind of thing, so does everybody else. Then they discovered that the guy that caused Dorrans’s downfall came from Dundee. It shows that play-off final in an entirely new light. Maybe United wanted to avoid hordes of angry Huns turning up at Tannadice.

The real story about Dorrans is still to come out, but it seems like it might well have been his own fault. Pictures and videos have been doing the rounds, showing Dorrans, Ryan Jack and their spouses having a drink by the pool. Both Dorrans and Jack got utterly guttered; something we’ve all done during the day when on holiday. They didn’t act like normal people, though, and fall asleep in the sun, then waken up burnt to fuck. Instead, they staggered off to some watering-hole to keep their tanks topped up. There, they got caught up in some big barney going on and the rest, as they say, is history. The Neo-Gers board, meanwhile, are demanding that the Compliance Officer look into the matter.

Dorrans and Jack soak up the sun.

What was all that about in the Daily Record the other day? If a film comes out, or there’s a new TV series on, set in the 1950s, say, then the papers will be full of things about life in the 50s. I haven’t heard anything about  a film or TV programme set in the 1990s, yet the Record saw fit to regale us with the best TV of the 90s, favourite toys of the 90s, nightclubs of the 90s etc. etc. There appeared to be no rhyme nor reason for it. It was like the adverts for the Sun you used to get in the 70s and 80s. You know the sort of thing – “It’s Big Knockers week – in the Sun!” The only possible reason for it was to stir up nostalgic feelings about the 90s. Now, what section of the Scottish population pines for the days of the 1990s?

“Fucked if Ah know who ay’s oan aboot!”

I see that Steven MacLean, of Hearts, has accused Scott Brown and Mikael Lustig of being ‘classless’. What? As classless as giving a guard of honour while keeping your hands behind your back? Or maybe he wants them to show their ‘class’ by singing the Billy Boys.

If proof were needed that folk nowadays are a load of saps, it came in the news that people were sobbing because the sound was poor at a Spice Girls concert. It wasn’t like that in my day. I remember being at a Damned concert at the Glasgow Apollo. They played for about forty minutes and then buggered off offstage. There was no sobbing, just a loud voice from the gallery yelling, “Hey, ya bastards! Ah pyed £2.50 fur this fuckin’ ticket. Get yer arses back here!” A cheer went up and everybody started shouting at them to come back. They did.

Thanks to some of the folk on here offering items to get me though this diabetes shite. Ta for the offer of venison, Hector, but I tasted it once years ago and thought it was disgusting! And, Robert, thanks for the offer of the vegan cookbook, but Der Fuhrer’s already got dozens of cookbooks, most of which haven’t ever been opened. This diabetes lark is going to mean a few changes for her too. Due to my depression, I can’t face making anything, so Der Fuhrer does the cooking. The majority of her recipes, though, involve piercing the lid several times. That’ll have to change.

“If yer no’ happy, get yer ain fuckin’ dinner!”

Mind you, I’m beginning to wonder about her intentions. Only a few healthy-type foods have been purchased and she hasn’t cut back on buying the crisps and biscuits. I’ve actually been really good at avoiding temptation, but I think she’s trying to feed me into an early grave. Never mind The Peeppul’s filthy songs about the Lisbon Lions; it’s me that won’t see ten in a row!

“Awright, troops? Intit good tae see thit the Brexit Party huv done well in the elections? That’ll send a message tae Brussels thit wae waant nuhin’ mair tae dae wi’ theym an’ thur fuckin’ sprouts. It gets oan ma fuckin’ wick, though, the wye aw us UKIP an’ Brexit Party voters ur branded iz racists. Ah’m no’ a fuckin’ racist. Ah jist don’t like foreigners.”

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  1. Thanks Pat for brightening up a Monday morning. JJ’s blearing, moaning and attacking other bloggers used to be annoying but now it’s downright creepy and childish. As for threatening to resign, I wanted to tell him to just feknoff then but can’t because he banned me for telling him not to be a big wean. Maybe he wanted money from me…..long wait there. The replies from his sycophants we almost as funny.

    Bishop Devine was a bstrd, and a hypocrite too. Using church funds for his nose job. It would have been cheaper to give up the alcohol. Having taught all my career in the Catholic sector I saw their hypocrisy but I’ve helped generations of students to question everything.

    The attacks on Celtic players shows the hurting huns in the media. Trying to piss on our parade (when we get one) but just showing what lickspittle lollygaggers they are.

    Good luck with the diabetes you’ll get there.

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  2. There was a lot of classless reporting yesterday of Celtic’s incredible feat; the hurting is priceless.

    Excellent post again Pat.


  3. Cheers for that Pat, entertaining as always mate 🙂

    One point if I may, but pointing out Lenny’s shortcomings as a coach & manager & the club’s pitifully inadequate lack of ambition in not appointing a coach of greater calibre does not make me a member of the glass half-full brigade.
    Rather it marks me & others holding the same opinion as being considerably less cynical & more ambitious than our club’s hierarchy 🙂

    One final point mate, sorry to hear about your diabetes issues.
    I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes on 1st June last year.
    I did my homework & due diligence & decided I could fix it with the Keto Diet. I’m sure you can too.
    I shed 5 stone in 6 months & put my diabetes into remission last year just by following a low carb, high fat, moderate protein way of eating 🙂

    If you want to know more & fancy a blether please do get in touch 🙂

    I live in Falkirk & my new business Andy Borland’s Keto Diet Club is based in Callendar Square.
    You can certainly address your diabetes issues with the Keto Diet & I’d be happy to help you 🙂

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  4. Yep, JJ doing the hun’s job for them by attacking other bloggers, humble pie well deserved, spent too much time bringing down others when he dropped the ball considerablyon his ‘well placed source’ probably from inside the Bigot Dome, taking people for a ride. If he wants to apologise, let his put up his blogs for free, money’s probably going into the GASL’s pocket anyhoo, keeping them in Kleenex for the Klan. Keep it up


  5. To be fair, I was probably in a long line of people leaving comments to JJ saying he knew fuckall that didn’t get moderated, that’s why the poll to resign or stay is from his subscribers only, kind of fixing the outcome. As for his sources, chat in a pub over a few pints and over hearing things on the bus do not count as scoops, he’s a fraud who then goes onto list his scoops, three of which were never scoops.

    If you are that confident in your abilities as a writer / blogger etc and your sources, you don’t need to do what he’s doing asking for confidence votes, if he were a real journalist and not a sports hack a real credible journalist who fact checks and you released something like that, you’d loose your job. This isn’t a little blip as many are saying on the comments, he’s got form for nonsense. In his early days I was once a fan, and the veneer soon wore off.

    I was listening to SSB immediately after the game and when it was announced Neil was offered the job, the Celtic fan and i say fan loosely stated ‘The wind has been taken out of my sails’, due to the announcement. What kind of fan would say that within minutes of us getting the treble treble, there also seems to be a so called split in the fans based on his appointment, give the bloke a chance, hes only gone and sealed the treble, now he has to rebuild the entire team!

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    1. BBBUT… Pistol Pete says a major rebuild isn’t needed and as the Director of Football he should know.
      The reason for the divide is quite simple. There is a gulf between Lennon the man and former player and Lennon the second time round manager. NFL is idolised by the majority of fans for his contributions on the park in the past and the way that he has stood up to the Anti Irish / Catholic bigotry in Scotia directed at him by the inhabitants of the Crumbledome and the Establishment in the form of the SFA and the Lanarkshire Refereeing Association.

      However, his appointment is seen as a retrogressive step and heralds a downscaling of the Club’s, or rather the Board’s, ambitions for the immediate future. Lennon’s achievements in his first tenure are viewed through the prism of nostalgia and green tinted spectacles. His first period in charge was not the roaring success that memories clouded by the distance of time and ownership, (He’s one of our own, He knows the Club, He gets it), appear to recall. Some of the football was turgid, dire in the extreme and he had a not very good record in the Domestic Cups arena. His exploits in Europe while impressive are being vastly over embellished due to one glorious night against the elite of Europe. Celtic did not play expansive attacking football that evening. It was pragmatic. Defensive, hit on the counter. It was a night when the stars aligned and the Footballing Gods nodded their approval and we rode our luck. It was a one off.

      His record since leaving Celtic, his reasoning: well pick any one of half a dozen as espoused in the SMSM, fans forums and blogs, his record is not exactly stellar. Discount Bolton. It was a poisoned chalice. His record with Hibs, promotion from the Championship. He inherited a good squad with a budget significantly greater than the rest of the division. After a good first season in the SPFL he left the Club 4 months before the finish line, for unspecified reasons, leaving the club in 8th position in the league. Only to almost immediately come to Celtic’s aid in our manufactured hour of need as caretaker manager to see out the season. A period during which he has admitted that he sat down with Pl to discuss identifying Transfer targets for the new season. Quite a coup for a caretaker manager and really fortuitous that he was available.

      Pistol Pete has played Neil and us for mugs. He’s got his scapegoat for when it all goes Tits Up. But he’s the guy you all wanted, a real Celtic Man.

      Expect another draft induction of Loanees, including the perennial Mahnn Citehhh player. At least 2 possibly 3 first team players will be sold and not a penny in real terms will be spent on the squad. We all know what the squad needs for the immediate , and short /long term future. However the Board, like most if not all Celtic Boards for the past 50/60 years will not invest from a position of strength. It’s almost as if they are scared to let us be too successful for a long period. As if somehow it is not to the benefit of our competitors or the game as a whole in Scotland. Heavens forbid that we get too far in front of Der Hunn. They might even think that it is bad for business.

      PL got it badly wrong with this appointment. He thought it would be a shoo in. It has polarised the support at a period when our team has created an Historic Record that is unlikely to be repeated, even by us. It has highlighted how shallow this Board thinks we are. Throw us a piece of cake and bunting and that will keep us happy. It has shone a searchlight on the gulf that exists between the reasonable expectations of the support and the lack of ambition of a Board that now sits on a nest egg, the results of our success garnered from the fans, a surplus of possibly more disposable cash than that of any Board in Celtic’s history, pre or post Fergus, has had on hand. The outcome?
      PL raises the Austerity flag at the same time as he leaves the back door open for
      Sevco. That is what the Board are gambling with 9IAR / 10IAR and beyond. That is why we are concerned about Neil’s appointment and the parsimonious outlook for the future.

      H.H. Lenny, The Man.



  6. Regarding Hector’s post yesterday about JJ’s current difficulties and the return of the Minge.

    Are you quite sure the Minge will not resurface? Could he be the Stalking Horse.
    Will anyone else enter the arena. Charles of Normandy himself perhaps.

    J.J. could hold a head to head against his contenders and canvass his myriad of followers for Campaign Funds. He could feature a Daily Guest slot featuring some of his imaginary contributors.

    He should be able to string it out for months,( well at least till the Close Season is over ), prolonging the tension just like the Tory Party Leadership Campaign.

    Congratulations to the Club on the Historic Treble Treble.

    My own view is that this is the end of the Glory Run. The Celtic Board have just facilitated the ascension of Sevco to the dizzy heights of the SPFL.
    Time for Turn and Turn about. The Glasgow Duopoly is reborn.
    Got to keep the Sponsors & Broadcasters happy.
    Of course PL also needs a Patio and Conservatory Heated. Money, Money, Money.

    He knows full well that if we get 10IAR that Sevco are done for good. Their fans can’t stomach the thought and they know in their hearts that they will never ever be able to put together a long tern Financial Plan to overtake us and enter the chase for equivalence. We won the Big Cup. They died trying to emulate us. They won’t have the money, backing or heart for such a long term project.

    I’m still trying to cling to the hope that NFL doesn’t accept the offer. He’s PL’s scapegoat for when it all goes tits up.
    The SFA & The Lanarkshire Battalion of the Masonic MIB’s will tear him to pieces next year and our “impartial” SMSM will trawl through his remains.
    I really fear for him and his family.




      1. I would love to be proved wrong.

        But I have sincere doubts. Pl says “the team does not need a major overhaul”, so he’s already moved into the Director of Football mode and signalled that money won’t be splashed while Neil says that we only need 2or 3 players. Are they for real?

        2 or 3 players? We need 1 possibly 2 Centre halfs . We need a replacement for Lustig. Ralston hasn’t got the consistency for the role. At best he is an understudy. We need cover for Tierney. We need a Creative Midfield player. Nitcham is not consistent and appears disinterested most of the time. We need a long term replacement for Broonie
        Christie CMCG & Rogic Perm 2 from 3, play horses for courses. Up front Forrest? Now that PL has Brought in the Ukrainian Shved, (He looks good) will Forrest be punted. Mikey J is good, a bit lightweight but still to develop, Sinclair. Hit or Miss. Now that he has signed his Contract extension will he be punted. Dembele, one for the future, still small & lightweight. The Agricultural Labourers that pose as defenders in the SPFL will smash him. Will the Griff come back / have it when he does. Bayo ???? We need a partner upfront for French Eddy, he is not a Centre Forward.
        2/3 players.?????????

        This is Pl’s chance to slash the Operating Costs. Turnover 100M+ Whoopee another bonus coming.
        Admittedly the squad needs serious pruning but key areas of the team need filling and cover for others. If there were players in the squad who were good enough to fill these roles then that Lickerstershire man would have used them and we would not have resorted to loanees. Many of whom were in the wrong area of the team. Brought in to sit on the Bench at a considerable cost.

        If I still prayed I would that I am wrong. As for Conspiracy theory. It isn’t one. It is watching Celtic Boards from the 60’s, onwards never investing from strength, holding to the Auld Firm mantra. Never defending the Club against the SFA & Refs and their outright cheating and corruption. Do you think that Celtic were not involved to some extent in the 5 Way Agreement. Hello Res 12 anybody…They went through the motions. Never taking the SMSM to task for the outright lies and slanders against out Club. It’s their Economic Model for Scottish Football and they will do their utmost to preserve it.

        If we get to 10IAR and say Sevco go to join the original Rangers and the Third Lanarks in the Crypts at Companies House how long do you thinkl our fans continue to fill our stadium.



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        1. I cant see our squads main players leaving, eg Mcgregor, Tierney, Rogic, Sinclair, Brown, Jozo, Ajer, Edouard, Forrest, Christie. Griffiths will slot back in, our two keepers, de Vries will go, I think Hayes will stay. Shved will feature sparingly to begin with i feel, Johnston can play on the left wing.

          We need to add a few to what we have, a striker, a centre back and a right back i would say, whilst clearing out an awful lot, you are essentially complaining that Lawwell doing his job is a bad thing, by cutting out whats not required, he’s giving Lennon the funds to go and buy players that are needed.


          1. There is no guarantee that he will give Lennie any of the savings.
            Pistol Pete’s focus is on reducing costs. End Of.

            The money in the Bank will stay there till the Hotel Complex Project gets going. Pl sees the team as Fund Raisers. He knows that our supporters will buy their season tickets and there is a 10,000+ waiting list. 19/20 money is already in the bank or guaranteed. 2/3 years of mediocrity, whatever the length of NFL’s contract is, will still see the season books sell out. Guaranteed income. Crowds will drop but hey the seats have already been paid for.

            He needs Sevco to survive & appear to challenge else their support will fall off. 7 going on 8 years of failure for them. How much longer can they continue. £50M+ losses since 2012. How much longer can the Backers behind the scene absorb these kinds of year on year losses. Forget the fact that their club is being bled dry by the current Custodians there comes a point where the Backers say enough is enough.

            The day that happens then Scottish Football is well and truly stuffed. Points deductions, Transfer embargos etc Maybe even Liquidation. Will ” Der Hun” still Follow, Follow on.

            Most of our fans would revel in their disappearance. However Celtic PLC is terrified of the prospect.



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            1. Well good, long may it continue to deliver title after title, hopefully we won’t ever spend ourselves into oblivion like others.

              How is the Hotel going to be funded? Loan, self funded?

              I very much doubt Celtic’s current success and business plan is based upon Rangers or any other business for that matter, I’m also not sure where the games v Rangers stand in terms of revenue earned, I can bet they are down the list, that argument doesn’t add up, even more so when we distance ourselves from the Old firm tag.

              The support will not fall off in my opinion, most Celtic fans would watch Celtic win at carpet bowls let alone switch off from the football.

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      2. Hi pat, shite about your diabetes. My mrs was long time vegetarian until last January when she went vegan and pat the food getting cooked in the house is much better, with a few exceptions Chinese, Indian and Thai are mainly vegan. Helping out I got her a Thai cooking course for her birthday, when we turned up for the classes the people holding it were pissing themselves pointing out that I’d got my mrs a present to improve MY DINNERS at home.

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  7. Always liked the realism of this site rather than the ‘rival blog’ hating snobbery of someone who is already to proud to eat his humble pie, trying to post on his site but for ‘some reason’ my posts aren’t showing, wonder why….

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    1. I didn’t waken up until 6pm, so I wasn’t there to moderate it. Once you’ve had one comment approved, though, all your subsequent ones are approved automatically. So, post away!

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      1. Should take a leaf oot jj’s book of impeccable blogging by giving us 3 free posts then charge for “The upkeep of our site”.

        Guys a Fking rocket.

        Keep it up Pat, and hope the health is good.


  8. Devine was an ignorant tory bastard of a man and had a high regards of himself. Pat you’re bang on, demanding silver service while on Parish visits. No saw you up the milk for a while 🍀


    1. I was finding it too difficult to cope with looking after my da, so my brother took over. My da spends most of his time in hospital these days. My daughter drove me through to visit him, but he was heavily sedated so it was a waste of time. The staff couldn’t guarantee that he’d be conscious at any given time, so we’re just waiting until he goes home.


    1. Jimboh, I don’t think JJ has deleted the article JF’s on about – it’s his ‘resignation’ post which includes an allegation that NL was drunk at an awards do and tried to lamp a Hoops fan. (He did, of course, ‘disappear’ the original blog about Moyes getting the job). Incidentally, James Forrest comes out with some badly-written shite on occasion himself and seems to forget his own ‘exclusive’ on Scott McKenna’s imminent signing a few months ago. Personally, I put little credence in the output of JJ, JF or Phil – it’s mostly bullshit or wishful thinking. I’m sticking with Pat for his angry rants and ‘inside knowledge’ of fuck all!

      P.S. Since JJ has banned ‘freeloaders’ from comment on his site and also claims to be struggling by on the donations of 20odd benefactors, where did those 200+ supportive comments come from? I suspect the poor man must be suffering with writer’s cramp today.

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  9. Good morning all . Now that the voting is over in the EU elections we can get back to normal and moan about other things . The Daily Gael twitter account complains that Scotland is starting to look sensible after the way it voted and its reputation as full throttle crazy bastards is being damaged on the international stage and they may have a point . The UK will enhance its reputation as not the full shilling when the EU gets a look at the nut jobs the Brexit mob are sending that is assuming they ditch the UKIP tradition and turn up for meetings .
    Phil in a love letter to Neil Lennon spouts his usual pish while over on the Tit on the fence speakeasy the brown nose comments continue to beg our hero to stay and give us the benefit of his towering forensic insight . The James Forrest blog linked above does a good job on tying up some of JJ’s previous lies . I had forgotten about the fake lawyers letter he sent himself to try to look important and will file it with the loyalist death squad pish as just another figment of his troubled mind . Meanwhile the search for the Minge continues .


    1. It’s probably not new. It maybe that it’s just the first time you as well as I and maybe others have actually seen it written down in all its nuanced splendour.

      Take a bow Pat. We’ll submit it to the O.E.D. before Phil can claim he had it stored down in his “Word Mines” and JJ attempts to plagiarize it.




  10. There’s no danger Celtic doing those hun cunts any favours 10 in a row is in the bag . They need us not the other way about fuck knows how they are even still malfunctioning European league is the way forward hail hail

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  11. Just read JJ’s latest piece, I shan’t be returning any longer for a lurk as its pure shite I avoided it for so long, It’s all Hector’s fault!

    What is great to read is the bloggers and i would like to highlight not all bloggers but most are little fannies, green eyed and sniping at one another all the time, whilst all trying to take the moral high ground, they are lowering themselves.

    If James Forrest and Phil rate themselves they shouldn’t even entertain John James. Pieces like JJ’s are more or less in my opinion proving how irrelevant he and they really are, most if not all are opinion pieces, JJ proved that at the weekend. Phil has struck gold a couple of times, however that was long ago and he still tries to ride that wave, time to move on.

    JJ’s latest is just a baiting piece for a petty reaction, a bit of one upmanship to see whos the biggest fanny of all, I’m surprised he hasn’t resorted to my dad’s bigger than your dad chat, although one things for certain, JJ will never be is an influential blogger, able to produce and publish books or generate serious income from his own site, hence his child like sniping. JJ tries to correct James Forrest on his spelling but then goes on to make the same mistakes himself! When the argument is lost people often resort to the learn to spell and grammar chat despite the opposition being correct in what they are saying! Feeble!

    His assumptions on Neil Lennon are laughable, and he hasn’t learnt a thing, just digs a bigger hole with every sentence.


    1. Just read it and it would seem James Forrest has got under the skin of our forensic friend . These bloggers do seem to have a bit of an ego problem apart from Pat as he is asleep half the time . Now that the season is over we are about to be linked with everybody no one has ever heard of and it looks like a mad Summer . Time to go fishing .

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  12. Pat wishing you the best of luck with your health mate and really liked what you gave to the blogs this season. Looking forward to another battle next season and have ignored the pish written about the decisions and the conspiracy none-sense regards Peter Lawwell.
    Dermot and other shareholders would toe his baws if he was playing to the Huns and keeping a rigged two team duopoly going and blew a hole in the biggest commercial prize 9 and 10.
    The game up here is not funded by TV we get fuck all from the TV (chicken feed), our dosh is in merchandising, our sponsors could not give a shit about the huns NB (USA) and Magners (Ireland and global) have a bigger audience to market to, including Celtic worldwide and the image, Celtic are now ranked about 32 in the world brand images, do you really think we need a pretendy rangers to boost and generate income. Anyway the seasons over we took flight with all the domestics and we are set for 9iar so once again keep well and let the writing continue, HH big fella.

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  13. Is it the all English final tonight or the UEFA cup final?

    Anyway i see it didn’t take long for James Cleverly to enter the mix to replace Theresa. This man like many of the candidates is an absolute muppet however he is far far worse. Im also sure he has just moved to my village, i copped the snidey fucker outside the local chinese on Saturday and thats a few times I’ve seen him now walking his dog.

    If you see on the news that he’s had a chicken chow mein chucked over him it could he me!

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  14. Good morning . One of my confidential sources has confirmed that JJ used to clean the toilets at Delmonicas for a living but was sacked for stealing toilet rolls . This story was stood up by two reliable moles a rabbit and three squirrels . My final source was not sure as he thought it could have been the Minge as they all look the same to him . Message ends .

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          1. Cannae think why but it reminds me o’ the auld Glesga word fur a rough wumman, ‘a hairy pie’.😁

            Ma love she was a hairy
            Her name was Joan
            Ah gave ma love a cherry
            Complete wi’ stone
            Ma love she drapped the cherry upon her dress
            A cherry oan a hairy makes such a mess.

            Dae cherry stains come oot?
            She cried in fear
            Dae cherry stains come oot?
            Oh tell me dear
            Ah hope that they come oot
            Ah answered fine
            Ah hope that they come oot
            ‘Cos Ah’ve swallied mine!

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  15. Hi Pat and others,
    Great stuff again Pat and from other posters , I have literally all the posts that JJ has posted including the ones where he goes back and rewrites the past so it fits in with scoops of shite, As for the minge I do believe he was an actual poster, a comment he made about wullie Henderson could only have been told from someone who wullie told about it, I was there the time he spoke about this leads me to believe that episode. I don’t think he will be back though when jj was spouting about about the bad Jewish people, minge informed him he was one and has never posted again lol 😂
    Anyway Pat hopefully your health does inprove.

    Alf Tuper 👍

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  16. According to our forensic friend Phil is guilty of lifting content from JJ , Andy Muirhead and Paul McConville . Paul is unable to put this one to bed but he and Phil seemed to be friends and did work well together . Andy on the other hand took to twitter to point out he was not aware of Phil filching any of his output and asked JJ to stop dragging him into his spats with James Forrest and Phil so it looks like another made up ” exclusive ” from the tit on the fence .

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  17. The Tit on the fence has retreated behind his paywall to lick his wounds . He has also locked his twitter feed so only the approved faithful can read his words of wisdom . Even Phil the polymer does not go that far he just blocks any that don’t see the world through his green tinted specs and blinkers .

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    1. Ah, so that’s why he blocked me.
      Thanks Hector for clearing that up.
      I was at a loss to understand why I had been blocked and despite several impassioned pleas via emails to the Mining Wordsmith I have laboured in Limbo since.




      1. You’re only allowed to disagree with Phil if you do so in an inarticulate way which can be sneered at or dismissed as the rantings of a crypto-Hun. The guy is an egomaniac rapidly approaching JJ levels of lunacy thanks to the sycophants on his site.

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  18. Good morning from a misty soggy pile of rocks off the coast of Northwest Jockistan . You can all stop squinting and staring into the sun to see if The Rangers are coming as according to the fat bloke with no neck that posts wee videos on twitter The Rangers are here . Does this mean the journey is complete or do they actually have to win something . Who cares . I see the little scamps in the orange order are going to court to appeal the fact that they are at the moment not allowed to waddle and stagger past the church where one of their members spat on a priest . It would seem that there is no point in an orange walk if you can’t abuse Roman Catholics which is as good a reason to ban the things as you are likely to find . Funny how this West of Scotland problem does not take place out here in the West and the few clowns that have moved here that wear UDA badges etc are from the East of Scotland or the Island of Ireland .

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  19. A bit of good news the court found Glasgow City Council is within their rights to reroute the Orange walk and has awarded costs to the council . I wonder if this sets a precedent as if it does the OO may just have shot themselves in both feet .


  20. Congratulations to Liverpool on getting their hands on the big cup yet again . Two teams from the so called best league in the world served up a bit of a snooze fest and as neither was champion in their own country time to change the name of the tournament . The rich boys league has a nice ring to it . JJ has posted about austerity at Celtic a couple of days after all the other bloggers but they must have read the great mans mind and plagiarised him . I fell through a time warp last night as decided to check in on the senior citizens at SFM and was transported back to 2012 as the old boys are still banging on about five way agreements and the like . Obsessed does not come close to covering it . Following the GCC rerouting the Orange walks to avoid catholic churches it seems like a few sashes have been thrown out of prams and the boys are in the cream puff and are not going to march after all . That will show them .

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    1. A great advert for the English game they were not! Spurs are lightweight similar to Arsenal can beat the big boys once in a while but will never get over the line consistently, Liverpool never looked like conceding.

      The austerity chat is already getting on my tits, and Neil Lennon is already a failure in the eyes of many as he won’t win a treble and he is the cheap option, those saying it conveniently forget what he has already delivered as a manager.

      I hope Peter Lawwell gets a statue one day.


  21. Not a lot of point in Celtic turning up next season as according to the chip wrapper press , a few bloggers and the hordes of Mordor Celtic are finished before a ball is kicked and Sevco are going for the 55 well the 1 in reality . All the doom and gloom has reached critical mass and is now a perfect storm feeding on its self . Lets wait and see shall we . I was glad to see the city of Liverpool put on a bit of a party and delighted for clippity Klopp as he is that rare thing a football manager with a bit of charisma and a sense of humour . Compare and contrast with the cloud of misery that is the so called special one .

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