Well, Hector certainly called that one right. The very first review of my new book on Amazon, before anybody’s even had a chance to read it, is by some sad Hun, calling himself Mr. A.B. Henderson. “A book for bigots written by bigots,” he says. That’s the thing about the stupid bastard; he doesn’t realise that his comment is a recommendation. When a bigoted Hun calls you a bigot, you know you’re doing something right! He’s obviously not read the book, so he’s just going by the title and the description. No doubt that’s as much as his mammy would read out to him. And “written by bigots”? How many does he think were involved? I suppose if it was a Hun book about Celtic, then about a thousand of them would have to pool their brain cells.

Hun Media, meanwhile, is waxing lyrical about D-Day and the great sacrifice made so that we could be free. That kind of pish really annoys me, since it’s so far from the truth. If Germany hadn’t been a threat to the British Empire, the British Establishment couldn’t have given two fucks. It’s only with hindsight that we get all the stuff about ‘fighting against fascism’ and the like. And you’ve got to laugh at the Huns saying things like, “The snp thought a German invasion would help their cause, and openly called for Scots not to join up, they are dirty bastards,fuckin scum.” So were they the ones to blame for all the Orange cunts hiding in the shipyards?

Lest we forget.

The Huns on Follow Follow are all cheering a leaflet that’s apparently being passed around in Glasgow. It accuses Call It Out of being full of terrorist supporters, with ridiculous pieces about some of the folk that were demonstrating outside St. Alphonsus Church. The thing looks quite professionally done, which makes you wonder who paid for it. Unless, of course, only one leaflet was produced and it’s being passed around the ludges!

I’m surprised none of them are up in arms about green, white and gold buses appearing again in Glasgow. I’ve not been in Glasgow to see for myself, but, according to Twitter, there are definitely a few going about. I remember a few years ago reading a Hun forum where they were moaning about the time, God knows how long ago, when all the buses in Glasgow sported these colours. One lunatic related how he walked everywhere while these buses were around. Presumably, he never had far to go. Can you imagine one of those fat bastards trying to waddle from Castlemilk to Springburn? He probably meant that he walked half a mile to sign on once a fortnight.

A dirty, Fenian, terrorist-supporting bus.

Strangely, we haven’t heard the final verdict regarding Sports Direct vs Neo-Gers. Supposedly, the judge was ready to spell out how much cash would be involved on Thursday, but we haven’t been told anything yet. It seems the Megastore was completely cleared out at the weekend, which has got The Peeppul all excited, thinking that things went against Mike Ashley. Considering Neo-Gers were already found to be at fault and Thursday was just about setting out the details. I doubt the judge suddenly performed a massive U-turn.

The Peeppul are also upset about the ones that were to build the memorial garden at Ibrox suing Neo-Gers for over a million quid for breach of contract. (That phrase sounds familiar.) The Peeppul can’t understand why the project was abandoned but maybe somebody that’s more familiar with Protestantism than your average Hun explained to the board how inappropriate the whole thing was. It’s one of the most unProtestant things you can get. John Calvin and John Knox will be turning in their unmarked graves at the very idea.

A Hun, unhappy at the abandonment of the Memorial Garden.

One of The Peeppul on Follow Follow has this to say, “This will likely be the first of many fatuous ‘Rangers Bad’ stories to be put out as deflection from the abuse scandal.” Actually, he’s got that the wrong way round. The desperate attempts to place all the child abuse issues in Scotland at Celtic’s door have obviously been to deflect from the financial woes at Ibrox.

The Peeppul got themselves all excited recently at a story in the Sun about Jimmy Savile being shown round Celtic Park. According to Hundom, this proves that Celtic was at the centre of a nationwide paedophile ring. I take it they’ll be condemning Savile’s best pal, Charlie Saxe-Coburg as well. And what of all the hospitals and charities that Savile raised money for? He was no doubt shown round their premises too. And what about the people of Glencoe, who had to pretend to like the cunt for years? The Peeppul and the agnivores are really digging themselves into a hole on this one.

“Will you stop fookin’ sayin’ ‘Charlie’. It keeps gettin’ me excited!”

Meanwhile, the Daily Record ran another one of its puff pieces about what a wonderful manager/coach Steven Gerrard is. Luis Garcia gushes about how he knew that Gerrard was going to be a great coach from “the way he was talking about the players he wanted to have in the Rangers (sic) team and the way he wanted his team to play”. Christ, if that’s all it takes then any cunt sitting in a pub could be a football manager!

It seems that next season, Neo-Gers are going to remove those five diddy stars from their tops. Now that Celtic have reached fifty, they seem even more pathetic than they did before. They’re going to be replaced by something more relevant to the ‘Gerrard Revolution’.

It’s amazing not just how out of touch the Tories are, but how utterly out of date they are as well. There’s Rees-Mogg, who dresses like a Viceroy of India and takes his nanny campaigning with him. Then there’s Boris Johnson, who uses language that would even embarrass the Duke of Edinburgh. Now we discover that even the drugs they take are from another era. Rory Stewart, who’s one of the candidates to lead the Tories and become Prime Minister, has admitted to smoking opium. I mean, who the fuck does that in this day and age? It’s reminiscent of Byron, Shelley and other pre-Victorian, louche, upper-class layabouts. Maybe the idea is to make the likes of Johnson seem more up-to-date. After all, his language and opinions at least come from the Twentieth Century!

Remember, The Neo-Gers Saga Book 6 available on Amazon, Kindle and paperback here.

“A book for bigots written by bigots.”

Finally, I was reading a story about stupid American women shoving hoovers up their hootenannies in the belief that it would bring their periods to a premature end. There was a link to another story about something called ‘depressed vaginas’. I didn’t bother reading that one; I encounter enough sad cunts on my travels through Hundom.

“Awright, troops? Wur gonny hiv tae dae sumhin’ aboot the SNP’s anti-Proddissint agenda. It’s gauin’ oan aw ower Scotland, but especially in Glesca. Thur makin’ the streets no-go areas fur Proddissints while fuckin’ Irish terrorists kin staun’ ootside chapels, hurlin’ abuse it every indigenous Scottish Proddissint thit tries tae go past. Thur daein’ nuhin’ aboot aw the child abuse it Parkheid an’ tryin’ tae run Raynjurz doon in the meeja, makin’ up lies aboot court cases ‘n ‘at. An’ noo thur gonny force iz tae travel aboot in fuckin’ IRA buses! Thull no’ bae happy tae wur aw fuckin’ Kafflicks!”

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37 thoughts on “MAGIC BUS

  1. I see the great and the good from the orc hordes going into meltdown over the first minister going to support the ladies team at the world cup and having a bit of fun and a few photo ops with the fans . No matter what you think of Nicola she does seem to get on well with the punters a trait May could only dream about . Ruth Davidson has endorsed uncle Fester for leader of the Tory party and I can’t get an image of Shrek and princess Fiona out of my head when I see a picture of the two of them . A bit unkind to ogres and Shrek would never get elected as he is green so bound to be a Tim . Andy Wightman got himself in a mess over all this gender recognition as he mis gendered some bloke with a beard that tells everyone he is a woman . This is an area I keep clear of as I don’t claim to understand all the letters involved and what the plus sign at the end of them all means I have no idea . One right on trendy lefty in an attempt to shock asked me what I had against chicks with dicks the answer being nothing but I think you will find they are blokes with tits not the other way round .


  2. Pretty sparse crowd at the wimmins world cup, Scotland v England.
    Maybe they were away getting a spa or Jeremy Kyle was doing a live stand up.


      1. ‘ …something called ‘depressed vaginas’. I didn’t bother reading that one; I encounter enough sad cunts on my travels through Hundom.

        ‘enough sad cunts’, sometimes you have me laughing out very loudly at your turn of phrase, ta pat


  3. With regards the hoovers up the shereen.. Cannot get the shake n vac song oot ma heid, great read Sir, will order your new book, would be rude not too after that glowing recommendation, ps.. Widnae like tae smell they c*nts carpets🐟🐟

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Morning all,

    So much for the summer, expecting a months worth of rain today!

    Book purchased Pat, looking forward to it, and ill be sure to leave an honest review, to be fair I’ve not left any for my previous purchases either, so should really!

    I always thought the real reasoning behind D-Day was not so much the fear of Nazism, but the fear of the Russians who would have eventually crushed Germany and walked over Europe with little hesitation, could be wrong!


  5. A book for bigots? Ah thoat Agnivoreville wiz aboot a theme park wi’ they big lizard things. If ye’d telt me ye writed books fur Gers fans as well Ah might huv boat wan! Ah’ve goat a couple o’ pals that can read so Ah’ll spread the word roon’ the Ludge. Make yer next wan aboot aw the peedos at Sellick wi’ plenty o’ mucky details so we can aw enjoy readin’ aboot whit the poor victims suffered.😬😬😬

    Ah remember they IRA buses but when Strathclyde took ower fae the auld Corporation they turned them oot in a smashin’ orange jist like oor away taps. Noo they’re aw the colours o’ the fuckin’ rainbow – probubly owned by a bunch o’ poofs.😬😬😬

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Tut, Tut Owen.

      With you being the only semi literate Hun left in Glesga you should be in the Vanguard (Bear with me) of promoting inclusion.

      Fair play to you right enough for appearing on a Kafflick site. It shows that you are trying to escape the accident of your birth.

      Billy stated above that “Thull no’ bae happy tae wur aw fuckin’ Kafflicks!”, but that isn’t strictly necessary. We know that one day their Grandchildren will be Celtic fans and that’s enough to be going on with.

      After all we’re a Club for All.



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    2. Awe this talk sorry reading about the colours on the buses,pun to the old comedy sagas your maw watched,reminded me of the big green eco friendly and free to travel on bus that done the roundabout twisting around Irvine’s rivergate,aye no space and spelt in hun areas without a hyphen seems to me you touched on a nerve not hun related,(aye right ma pal just shooted oot over my shoulder,shit sorry it’s my paramilitary days getting in their!Shouted out,better pat,aye,okay,3rd party interference seems they get everywhere about sevco )anyway was avoided at all costs just by the colour,Pitts by the wae to the colour blind sevco FANny,who by the.wae got his cunt kicked in for getting seen on it by his bigotry youth filled pals,adults now may a point out,would wait to pay on the stagecoach bus instead and their pals,taught to walk around green street even though it added a hawf mile to the pub n the brew as it’s called in addrosan,one a 3 balloons sorry toons done Ayrshire wa,local being Sawney Beans ffs named after a local cannibal,by Christ,guffaw guffaw a can hear by the one hun maybe reading this.Back to my point if it saves disabled seniors and the poor don’t go bricking buses an spray painting over green street sign by the way with white paint,the mind boggles,a concerned reader and fellow Fenian2idie!!!


  6. SSB is a tad off this evening, we are being told that Henrik returning is clearly a negative for Lennon and that it is simply a PR stunt from the board, this is the same biscuit tin board who are supposedly too tight to spend on a proper manager will allow Henrik to return to wander about doing sod all as a PR stunt?

    If he returns it’ll be on merit no different from Neil’s previous stint, Keevins and this other arse seem to forget that both Alan Thompson and Johan Mjallby were with Neil before, and that seemed to be a positive.


  7. Good morning to you all . Phil is having a pop at an Englishman accepting a gong in the Queen’s birthday honours list . Elvis Costello has been honoured but Phil is getting his knickers in a twist because the given name of Elvis is Declan and as he is of Irish extraction he should think like Phil does . Bugger off Phil the man can think for himself . I wonder if Declan can expect a punishment beating from the Donegal thought police . JJ is back behind his paywall so Phil will have to donate if he wants to copy the thoughts of our hero .


        1. Rob,
          Alas i was catching up with my Jeremy Kyle files, box set.
          I recorded it tho & will watch it later, with a cuppa & fully charged mobile phone so i can check facebook at the break 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree with Phil for the first time in years – anyone who accepts one of their shitey ‘honours’ is a dick head. As Burns said:

      Ye see yon birkie ca’d a lord,
      Wha struts, an’ stares, an’ a’ that,
      Tho’ hundreds worship at his word,
      He’s but a coof for a’ that.
      For a’ that, an’ a’ that,
      His ribband, star, an’ a’ that,
      The man o’ independent mind,
      He looks an’ laughs at a’ that.

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  8. Good morning . It is a shame we are about to go to war with Ireland over some fish but if you believe some in the media that is where we are headed . Rockall rears its bird shit spattered head in a row over fishing rights I suspect getting stirred up as a large squirrel to deflect from other more serious issues . One of the Wolftones is talking about going out in a trawler to land on the rock to claim it for Ireland and I am sure Phil is manning the Atlantic wall in Donegal and planning to blow up a litter bin or two . After his Declan Costello blog Phil even has one zoomer claiming Lizzie Windsor still runs the British Empire the proof being she hands out brooches to those that crave such things . We had one tit on the island that got a gong and wanted the bank to pulp their stock of cheque books for his account and make new ones with his title included . Between the various badges and handing out stoat coats so that has beens can sit in the house of lords at £300 a day the royals do know how to play the uncle Tams of this country .

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I find the rush from MP’s to defend fishing always a bit odd, it seems to get everyone all worked up and easily and im not sure why.

      That chap may have been onto something but hes a bit off, the queen is head of the reptilian humanoids that control the world and the population.


  9. Fishermen are a funny bunch. Many of them do a dangerous job but at the same time are extremely selfish. They take from the sea but don’t do anything to restore stocks, they expect others, Governments presumably, to ensure there are enough fish for them. Then they vote for Brexit thinking the waters around Scotland will be for their sole benefit. Now they are against Brexit as they’ve found out that the Tories will sell the fishing rights to Europe for something to benefit England. Anyone with half a brain could have told them that that would happen.
    Seems to me that most of these guys must be Sevco supporters.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah but the Jolly Brexiteers will need all the Trawlers to stage their modern day “Dunkirk” when all the ex pats get the cold shoulder and can’t play the Englishman Abroad card any longer.
        They’ll start bleating to the Foreign Office and send letters to The Times pleading for rescue from ” The nasty Johnny Foreigner ” begging to be brought home to Blighty while still hiding their Dosh in offshore tax havens.




    1. Most of the big fishing families are Tory supporters and it was the Thatcher government that abolished the three mile limit which was responsible for trashing our fish stocks . If the three mile limit had survived we would have a sustainable high value fishery for small boats using static gear . The large East coast boats were let in and raped the fishery .

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  10. Tricolour buses are the business. Banning scummy orange marches altogether is the next logical step. Building training grounds, hotels and museums were only the dreams of a now dead club so it must stick in their craw to watch ghods anointed actually carrying it out for real and not on a moonbeam.

    On the subject of Celtic. What the feck is goin* on. No new signings with the new season not far away. Sometimes the board really piss me off. Glasgow’s green and white and we should be miles in front. Our board always manage to feck up and give sevco breathing space. With Ashley gouging the lying king for another £6m, slippy g must be ready to bolt back down the road.


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