Well, that was hard going yesterday and it certainly gave all the greetin’-faced cunts something to get their teeth into. It’s a difficult enough job when faced with eleven men rarely moving out of their own box, but when Cheatin’ Beaton is officiating, it makes it doubly hard. A Dunfermline player does exactly the same as a Hibs player did last week against Neo-Gers; one gets sent off, while the other’s done nothing wrong. You’d call it strange if you didn’t know better. There was nothing but relief on the Celtic players’ faces when Forrest scored. If they’d run about celebrating, they’d have been pilloried for it. Because they didn’t, there’s suddenly ‘unrest in the changing room’. Get a fucking grip!

I know a lot of folk avoid the Daily Record like the plague, so they won’t be aware of what they had on their website (and, no doubt in the paper copy as well) yesterday. They had a story about Bob Allan, the child molester that worked at Motherwell FC. Apparently, a young lad reported him years ago while on a trip in the US, but Allan was found not guilty in court. The boy took his own life when he was 29. Here’s the picture that accompanied the story:

Now, what message do you suppose that’s meant to convey? In the actual article, it says, “The player, who was later signed by Motherwell before being released at 19, won two caps for Scotland schools and played against stars such as Celtic’s Stiliyan Petrov.” Fuck off! If that had been any other ‘star’ there would have been a separate picture. Instead, they play to the Hun gallery, intimating that any child sex abuse in Scottish football has to be linked to Celtic. Cunts.

On the same subject, the family of another victim of child sex abuse, Andrew Gray, don’t do themselves any favours. In one of their latest tweets, it’s said that Celtic have ‘blood on their hands’ because the man died a couple of years ago. Unlike the man in the DR story, however, Andrew Gray died in a drowning accident. They’ve also been attacking Celtic supporters for being angry about how their team performed on Tuesday. Apparently, we’re supposed to only direct that anger on behalf of the victims of Celtic’s ‘paedophile ring’. That’s what happens when you surround yourself with bitter Huns; any anger about what happened to Andrew Gray, and other victims of child sex abuse, gets lost in the campaign to single out Celtic Boys Club as the only place where perverts preyed on youngsters.

The Huns, as everyone knows, couldn’t care less about victims of abuse; only about harming Celtic in any way possible. A couple of posts on Follow Follow reveal their true agenda.

“They should now be the subject of major sanctions – including demotion.”

“It’s up to us to start a petition and get a few teams on board that want to fight for that second spot.”

Disgusting bastards.

Meanwhile, Barry Ferguson appears to confirm what a lot of us have suspected. The headline says it all, “Steven Gerrard is following the Dick Advocaat Rangers blueprint and that’s bad news for the rest.” That explains everything. We were all wondering how Neo-Gers have been able to afford to buy new players, or even to pay the ones they’ve got. When Advocaat was there, wasn’t the ‘Rangers blueprint’ a tax-dodging scheme? I rest my case.

Neo-Gers’ new tax adviser, Boabby Everard.

You’ve got to laugh at The Peeppul on Hun Media and Follow Follow, they’re all full of their usual, misplaced  optimism, based on getting a lucky win against Kilmarnock, beating Hibs with the help of Cheatin’ Beaton and triumphing over a couple of shite teams in Europe. No team, it seems, is going to be able to stop them. One character, with a perfectly straight face, says,

“Not even the refs can stop us.”

That statement, of course, started an avalanche of complaints about how hard-done-by they are. The referees, the compliance officer, the whole of Scottish football and even the media…sorry, mhedia…are all ranged against them. Why, the Scottish press has already nailed its colours to the mast by making all manner of excuses for Neil Lennon! Christ, what kind of drugs are these clowns taking?

The staunch Mr. Beaton, ready to ensure Neo-Gers get nowhere near any silverware this season.

I saw something advertised on the telly that seems like a good idea, but really isn’t. It’s a set of cameras around your house that connect to your mobile phone, so you can see and hear what’s going on when you aren’t there. You can even speak over the phone to anybody that turns up at your door. Great, eh? You can go out with complete peace of mind, knowing that you can keep an eye on any comings-and-goings at home. The only thing is that if you have a night out you’ll spend the whole time staring at the screen on your phone in case anybody tries to break in. And as soon as you put it in your pocket, you’ll worry that you’ve missed something. Nobody in the whole pub would be talking; they’d just be sipping at their pints while staring at their phones. And going on holiday would be a complete and utter waste of time. You’d probably worry less if you left your teenage son or daughter in charge!

“Who ur yez an’ what d’yez waant?”
“Hiv ye heard the good news aboot Jesus?”
“Aw, bugger off!”
“We’re gauin’ naewhere, pal. Wur gonny staun’ here an’ read the hale New Testament tae ye. An’ thur’s no’ a hing ye kin dae aboot it”

I know this’ll sound bad, but bear with me. If there’s a song I can’t stand, it’s that one that goes, Celtic! Celtic! That’s the team for me. Celtic! Celtic! On to victory.  The thing is, I remember when I was wee (I’m talking about P1-3) there was a boy in my class and that was the only song he knew. If you had one of those class parties and the teacher asked for a song, that’s what he’d sing. If he came to your door at Halloween, that’s what he’d sing. He’d sing it while we were playing in the playground or outside. It drove everybody mental. He had a speech impediment as well, so he’d sing, Heltic! Heltic! That-h the team fur me… Whenever I hear that song, or I see it mentioned, that boy’s voice echoes in my head, even after all these years. I’ve got a nasty feeling about what’s in store for me in Purgatory!

Another ridiculous story in the DR concerns a young couple being thrown out of Asda in Livingston because they had a puppy. There are actually folk that think the couple are in the right because the puppy’s ‘so cute’. The couple themselves indulge in a bit of whatabootery, pointing out that other folk take their dogs into the store. Fuck right off! There shouldn’t be any dogs, other than guide dogs, in any supermarket and especially young pups. Why the hell should other customers have to put up with sliding about on pish and shite?

Sticking with the DR, and shite, for that matter, the story about Elvis’s death reminded me of the hilarity some of us had about the subject when I was at university. I don’t know how the topic came up, but I mentioned that he’d died on the lavvy, trying to ‘crush oot’ a shite. Everybody found this hilarious and when I asked what they called it, they said ‘squeeze oot’ a shite. I found this equally funny and we were all practically in tears. So, which one do you say – squeeze or crush?

“Awright, troops? Brullyint news aboot Sellick hivvin’ tae pye oot tae wan-y thur paedo victums, intit? The flood gates’ll open noo an’ the cunts’ll hiv tae haund ower mullyins. Thull hiv tae sell aw thur players an’ even thur fancy lights an’ thull end up boattum-y the league next May. Wull need tae dae aw wae kin tae encourage victums tae go tae solicitors. Watch, though, in case any cunt tries tae sue Raynjurz. Emdy thit wiz abused bae Neely ur Dunn kin fuck off; it wiz thur ain fawt!”

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13 thoughts on “THE ‘MHEDIA’S’ AT IT AGAIN

  1. Call it what you want but enjoy the relief of getting rid of a big jobby. (We could make a few).

    See all of time anti Celtic reports, now on most of the media, it hurts us, the fans, it hurts the club but when will the siding Board do something about it?


  2. Good morning . Thank god for that with the board reacting quickly to the fans unrest and signing a winger to please the mob . Last time I looked we were well off in that department so we are either about to flog or dump a few or this is just another project player . All the best to the lad but another winger was not on the wish list of most of the fans . JJ has retreated behind the paywall so forensic analysis is denied to us too tight fisted to contribute to keeping the old fraud in beer and sweeties .
    Another good turnout at an Indy march this time in the frozen North . As usual Manky shirt and his storm troopers claim numbers to be way below what was there . At the Oban march I counted well over 5000 souls so his claims like his view on life is shite . Have a look at some of the video of his little gang of mingers yesterday and some of the old slags hurling abuse at women and children out for a walk . The National Front were well represented in his wee gang of sad bastards yesterday . Some councillors in the city just reinforce the stereotype of a miserable tight fisted bunch with calls to bill AUOB for any costs to the city which is fine if it also applies to the Orange walk and any open top bus parade if Aberdeen ever win a trophy . Not sure what it is about Yoon women but the most abuse I got when out and about during Indyref was from members of the fairer sex and some of it was quite vile . God forbid they kiss their children with that potty mouth .
    I am one of those that avoids the Record and try not to click on articles online . When they do go over the top if one person archives the offending article it can then be read without giving the shits any more hits and revenue . Paper circulation continues to nosedive with the Guardian down to about 130,000 readers . I am ashamed to say I know at least two of them and have even slept with one of them .

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  3. JJ is back from the cut and paste mines as he emerges blinking into to the sunlight with his latest offering . Wish he had not bothered as the last thing I need to read on a gloomy Monday morning is another article about the biscuit tin at Celtic as it has been covered better by bloggers that know what they are talking about and have genuine contacts . Tykebhoy points out that JJ is often behind with his exclusives which is a common feature as unless you have a tricked out De Lorean you can’t plagiarise a thing before you can see it . JJ is spoon fed material by a PR firm and is either in the role of a useful idiot or gets a wage to write his pish . Our hero like a real life Jason Bourne living abroad in exile to protect his parents from murdering gangs of loyalist hitmen who are scouring the globe to silence the Scottish Julien Assange or a wee chancer in a bedsit hammering away at a keyboard talking to his made up friends . You decide .

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  4. Oh god just had a look at the Celtic News Now page to see where we are with transfers and never seen so much clickbait in one place . Lots of headlines like “reports say ” and ” sources claim ” linked to some player that no one even the player himself has ever heard of . A lot of the ” news ” listed about players nobody has heard off is provided by web sites no one has ever heard of and can be filed under pish . To quote e-tims ” here is some pish we made up earlier ” should be the motto of a lot of these in the know sites .

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  5. The record doing what it does best, smearing Celtic at every opportunity it can. It makes me want to heave every time I see a game from Celtic park featuring advertising for these bottom feeding cunts.! I know they pay for it but ffs, is their money really that important in the scheme of things.? Fuckin clear them out Celtic. It’s long overdue if you ask me.


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