I don’t know if you’ve read my book, The Crimes of Miss Jane Goldie, but the eponymous character, a headteacher of a primary school tries every trick she can think of to hold onto her job. At one point she decides that getting rid of a whole family of thick children will raise the average test score of the school. To get rid of them, she makes it plain that if anyone bullies one of those children, nothing will happen to them. I was reminded of this when I was reading all the shite about Kyogo Furuhashi. Players in every Scottish team have quickly learned that they can knock him about all over the place with impunity. The current noises about him being a diver and a cheat only serve to make things worse. They’ve effectively declared open season on him and it can only be a matter of time before he’s seriously injured.

Huns have been posting videos purporting to show Kyogo going down with minimal contact, like this one here:

If you actually look closely at the two incidents, you’ll see that there wasn’t ‘minimal contact’ at all. In the first one, Kyogo raises his hand slightly and gets ready to make a run. The opposition player makes a grab for him and it looks as if he’s twisted Kyogo’s ear. Kyogo being pulled forward is being portrayed as him trying to head-butt the guy’s chest. The second incident has everybody claiming that he’s thrown himself backwards after being slapped on the back of the head. Shouldn’t that have sent him forwards? is the cry. Yes, it should have. And it did. Straight into the goalie’s fist. The other two the Huns love to highlight are included in this video (along with the two above.)

In the one against Aberdeen, you can clearly see Kyogo being hit on the face. The other shows a Hearts player nipping Kyogo on the stomach, like some wee boy at nursery. At the end of the match, on the way up the tunnel, Kyogo shows the huge mark left by the Hearts’ thug’s fingers. It’s clear that Kyogo is getting, and will continue to get, no protection at all and the outcry about him being a ‘cheat’ is just a smokescreen to encourage all these fucking hammer throwers to assault him even more. God help him on the 2nd of January when he’s up against Team Evil!

Meanwhile, the real cheats of Scottish football were playing the other night and the powers-that-be in France changed their minds again and The Peeppul were allowed in to watch their team. I’m sure the good citizens of Lyon will be forever grateful. In what sounds like a boring match, Neo-Gers managed to get a 1-1 draw against a Lyon team whose priority was to avoid injury against Wee Bonky’s thugs. One thing puzzles me. Both goals came courtesy of deflections, but Scott Wright is named as the scorer for Neo-Gers, while Lyon’s goal is put down as an own goal. Anything to make Neo-Gers look good, eh? So, Celtic end up with more points than Neo-Gers but the Huns are the ones that are through! Does anybody else think that UEFA deliberately puts Neo-Gers into the easiest group every year so that The Peeppul won’t rampage through Europe when their team constantly gets beaten?

It’s awright, Bonky, Ah’m only kiddin’! Yer daein’ a great joab. Ah mean, five games unbeaten, thur’s no’ minny’ll beat that record!

While Allegra Whatsit was crying her eyes out (not very allegra then, was she?) and everyone was focusing on last year’s Christmas parties, Priti Patel pushed through her Nationality and Borders Bill, which makes it possible for the Home Office to strip anyone of their UK citizenship if they have dual nationality or the possibility of dual nationality. That takes in a lot of people, including myself since I’m eligible to apply for Irish citizenship. There’s folk saying that if you don’t commit a crime, then you’ve nothing to worry about. The problem with that is they’re in the process of making everything illegal nowadays. I seem to recall that they’ve introduced something to make protesting illegal. And it won’t be long before being seen outdoors without a poppy in the month of November will be against the law. Still, if Scotland doesn’t get independence soon, that’s my fallback – go out and punch some cunt and get deported to the Emerald Isle.

It’s dawned on the Board of Deputies that Jews could be under threat from this legislation as well. I bet they wish they hadn’t sided with the Tories against Jeremy Corbyn now! Über Corbyn-baiter, Rachel Riley, looked none too happy on Countdown the other day when Alastair Campbell was in Dictionary Corner. He related a story about Robert Maxwell giving some unwanted advice to Nelson Mandela. Everybody laughed but her. In fact, she looked as if she might attack him there and then, calling him an anti-Semite. After all, Maxwell was Jewish and that’s all that counts in Riley’s wee world. I’m surprised she hasn’t been on Twitter defending his daughter and saying that the whole prosecution is anti-Semitic.

“Ah always knew that Mandela wan wiz a fuckin’ racist. It’s the same wi’ aw they lassies sayin’ hings aboot poor Ghislaine. Fuckin’ anti-Semites the lot-y thum!”

While we’re on the subject, I read that Juan Carlos cited a three-hundred-year-old treaty between Britain and Spain, under the terms of which neither country is allowed to do anything to damage the monarch of the other. The ex-king is trying to dodge out of some court case involving an old mistress that now lives in London. I’m sure Prince Andrew and his auld maw have been following this story closely.

“Ah’ll need tae bae gettin’ in touch wi’ big Danni Menzies tae see if shay kin find mae a hoose in Spain!”

The stories about Christmas parties at Number 10 might have been a squirrel, but they’ve brought the loonies crawling out again, convinced that they’ve been proven right. Neil Oliver was on Twitter, smugly saying how he and his fellow fuckwits were right all along and that he’s not wearing a mask for anybody. I think he’s one of those arseholes that have refused to be vaccinated as well. Meanwhile, other fuckwits are moaning about the possibility of lockdown happening again. “It’s been two years!” they moan. Maybe they’d like to google the flu pandemic at the end of WWI; that lasted a good bit more than a couple of years. What the fuck do they expect? It’s a good job these arseholes weren’t around decades ago, otherwise we’d all have polio and smallpox!

“Ah did go fur ma Covid jag, but the nurse said sumhin’ aboot a wee prick, so Ah telt ur tae shove ur jag an’ stormed oot!”

Another thing about Partygate is that the Comments sections in the Daily Record are full of cunts blaming Nicola Sturgeon for everything. It’s getting beyond a joke the way the Ali Babas all side with the Yoons. They all say they want independence, but it certainly doesn’t sound like it. The latest thing they’re all pouncing on is Dominic Cummings saying that the SNP stated privately that they’re in no hurry to get independence. This is the guy, remember, that drove 30 miles to make sure his eyesight hadn’t been affected by Covid. A proven fucking liar, but you just know the Ali Babas will be ready to take his word for things.

The best story of the past week has to be the one about using Viagra to treat dementia. All I could picture was old men walking about everywhere with perpetual stauners. They’ll need to go back to wearing the big coats they used to wear when I was wee, instead of the windcheaters they all favour these days. Still, on the plus side, they’ll always have somewhere to hang their bunnet!

“D’ye waant tae know what the worse hing is? Ah kin remember what a stauner is, but Ah’m fucked if Ah kin remember what ye dae wi’ it!”

Der Fuhrer came out with another cracker a couple of nights ago. We were watching The Chase when the question was asked during the cash builder, “What animal did Napoleon ride across the Alps?” Der Fuhrer shouts out, “A camel!” I was in stitches.

“An’ what the fuck’s wrang wi’ a camel gauin’ ower the Alps? Me an’ Boxy go tae Val d’Isère it least wance a year tae dae a bit-a skiin’!”

“Awright, troops? Ah don’t know what aw the fuss is aboot. So, Mr. Boris hud a party; diz ay no’ deserve wan? Ay’s a hard-workin’ man an’ ay hud Covid ayssel’. Surely ay deserved a wee break? An’ Ah hear aw the Taigs ur greetin’ aboot that wee cunt Koko ur whatever ays name is. Ay’s a cheatin’ wee basturt an’ they aw know it. Ay’s some kinna Chinee an’ aw, so ay probably eats dugs an’ bats an’ helped tae start thon Coronavirus!”


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40 thoughts on “NIPPIN’ A NIPPONESE

  1. How desperate must that Juan Carlos fella be to dig out and old rule like that, probably on a tapestry, silly fucker! I can remember some bloke down here who built a house without planning and hid it all behind hey bails so he could get round planning for four years, which is brilliant in many ways, the council got wind of it towards the end and wanted it ripped down. the chap wrote to the queen trying to get some old law or unwritten rule to be enacted by her to spare him his new house, do you think it worked? Do you think Juan Carlos will get away with it? Whose the pleb and who isn’t?

    UEFA use those balls that unscrew with the bits of paper in, I don’t think you can freeze them like the SFA do for draws…but then saying that I don’t think Rod noticed:

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  2. Come ontae fluck Pat.
    Yir latest tome came today.
    Y’a dancer sez Aye.
    Thanks Amazon, rips parcel open then my eager start tae the day diz a boaddy swerve doonwards in a kaleidoscopic spiral as this filthy fluckin
    Image of a red, white n’blue Jack, snot rag of a butchers apron attacks my eyes n brain. If ye hid tae show it could ye no at least put it oan the back cover or the inside jaikit.

    That’s it, rubber gluvs oan noo.

    My considered review will follow once I’ve calmed down. Makes me wish I’d got the Kindle version.

    Saor Alba
    Never Trust A Tory
    Never Trust A Unionist


  3. Evening Bhoys, Ghirls and Pat Bhoy 👍🍀.

    Book arrived today Pat. Looking forward tae it. I’ll take it tae the Monday club and get it started before the auld brigade arrive.
    Big game the morra, I fancy Le Petit Huns to beat Le Grande Huns, 9/2. No a bad bet. Brother Walsh at Swinecastle, hoping to keep up his perfect record off sending off an opposition player in every Hun game he’s reffed!! Fucking disgrace! We’ve got your namesake Pat Bhoy, E. Anderson. Never heard of him but no doubt we will the morra, mair so if the Huns slip up.

    Some week for Fat Barney Rubble. How the fuck is he still in a Joab? Fat fucking mumbling fuck!! This country has jumped the fucking shark man. The gigs fucked! Seen red card Ross wis putting the boot in tae the party mob at Number 10. Is the wee rodent bastard trying tae curry favour cause he’s been captured way his mitt’s in the till? He’s a fucking wee rodent! I hate that wee bastard!!
    Some prick journalist Ewing Murray, nah me neither. Posted on twitter about young Henderson only making 10 first team starts and it not boding well for the youngster. A Bhoy pointed out “That’s 4 Mair than Nathan Patterson” there ye go ya prick! Gas a peep. Fuck off!!!!
    In Ange we trust Bhoys, Ghirls and Pat Bhoy 👍🍀🍀.

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  4. Been out and about this morning setting my trail camera, managed to build this one rather than buy one so hopefully it works and doesn’t get nicked getting soaked in the process! I didn’t take wellies with me only boots and the alternative route would take ages so I plodded on, the only upside to getting soaking wet feet is the freezing water gets warm after a while which is oddly satisfying! Been a fair amount of rain and the rivers burst its banks in quite a few spots! See if you can spot my camera in the woods.

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  5. That’s the most blatant and biased referring performance I’ve ever seen in ma puff!
    That wisnae even funny. If he’s got the Huns game on the second, forget it..😡😡😡


  6. Reffing effing apalling today. Where the feck do they get these incompetent barstewards from? Linesmen even worse, always miles behind play and incapable of looking along the line for offside because of it.
    Motherwell were shite, hackers and timewasters, got what they deserved, which was fuck all.
    As for Celtic? Hard watch all afternoon due to the quality men being out. Turnbull ain’t a centre, fair enough, but Johnson and Taylor are a waste of space, yet again. Scales is a better option for full back, having height, skill and some steel, and at the moment my old granny whose been cooped up in a nursing home is a better option than Johnson…….ok she’s got no legs, but Mikey might be better if they cut his legs off and put his heid on the centre spot to bounce a pass off.
    Still 3 points is all that matters.
    GB need to stop the protest silence as they’re needed to encourage the team at the moment.
    The Board need to grow a pair and talk to them, fucking pathetic situation with 2 sets of weans giving each other the silent treatment.


  7. Morag bhoys and Pat.

    The reffin situation in Scotland reminds me ae the yerds years ago where only masons got promoted. We hud wan who used tae wear a tie wae his lodge details on it. Catholics need not apply. 😂 Who would want tae be involved wae a shower like that. Vicious circle. Nae Tim’s apply so it’s a masons get the gither. Ah knew a Tim who would’ve sold his ain maw tae get a gaffers joab. He got wan but his dignity trailed on the groon as he walked the fucking scabby prick. He gies me the book merr than the actual Huns. Ah joost wanted tae deck the cunt every time ah seen him. Aw complete fucking zoomers who couldny organise a raffle embarrassing themselves because ae a honshake. A complete gut oot is required because if that’s the best we’ve got, then we cin aw go hame noo.

    Motherwell surprised me by actually huvving a go first hof. Shows ye the difference when yev no got a natural goal scorer. Turnbull was meant tae be the centre forward but kept instinctively moving back intae his natural position. Whits happened the Greek guy. Injured I assume. Something no right aboot his transfer. Tap scorer in Holland but looked as sharp as a bowling ball when he played. Ye don’t become that slow in a matter of weeks. Big Julian’s went the way of Shergar. Ye could’ve broke ma two legs and ad be back quicker. Baffles me but ah suppose that’s no too hard tae dae. Auld age gets ye like that. Ah find myself bending doon and making weird groaning noises then a vision ae ma da pops intae ma heid. Wan minute yer running aboot a fitba park and the next yer creaking every time ye move 😂😂

    Christmas is coming and it’s pish oor here. Roasting hot days at Christmas joost don’t mix. Av been here fur yonks and ah still canny get used tae it. Doon the beach wae a picnic getting burned rotten. Unnatural. Santa’s walking aboot the beach wae shorts on. Weird as fuck. Western Australia is aboot the only place outside of North Korea still locked doon. It’s meant tae be easing in January so we’ll see. Nae covid but so it’s no aw bad. The premiers wanting tae get 90% jagged before opening. Ah joost fancy a wee holiday at hame among normal people. Think that’s called homesick.

    Enjoy yersels bhoys and ghirls and stay safe. The leagues oors. Of that I have no doubt. Refs or no refs. It will be that obvious the bastards canny cheat. So have a good wan wherever ye ur and remember, it could always be worse, ye could’ve been born a hun 😢😢

    Stay safe troops and best wishes to all 💚👍


  8. Good morning from a pile of rocks off the coast od NW Jockistan. Three points is all that mattered yesterday so job done. As another transfer window looms the rumour mill is being fed by those in the know with the sort of generalist pish that Phil and Mystic Meg peddle. It does look like one of a possible three Japanese players could be coming but as usual no deal is done until we see a picture of the lad with Paul the Tim. One worry is covid rules getting in the way of any imports. Listened to a podcast yesterday with Barrhead boy chatting to Angus MacNeil MP for the utter Hebrides and Angus comes over as one of the few genuine good guys left in the SNP. He is hanging on in there despite the derision he gets from some of the Bisto kids that now seem to run the party and has argued for some years that a plan B for Indy is required as a backup for the inevitable snub from whichever tit will be PM when we ask for a second Indyref. The fact that the SNP has not even discussed independence at conference for years tells you all you need to know about what their priority is. Between the SNP and the gender bender Greens we are in a bit of a mess. The Greens used to be a safe place to dump your protest vote if you were pissed off as they could do no harm but not now as they are in a position to do some serious damage. This mornings job is to try to move a dead deer I found up the hill without it falling to bits to place a camera trap to get eagle pictures. Whatever happens it will be smelly and not a lot of fun. Stay safe everyone.

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  9. ” Headteacher at a primary school ” ? I presume they refused to take seven weeks summer holiday on the back of the schools being closed?

    Teachers union are a disgrace

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  10. Can’t stand the miserable dickhead who comes on the STV news every other week from the EIS to moan about anything to do with weans at school. Gets on ma tits just looking at him. Miserable chunt he is.
    In other news, the new restrictions for Chrissy dinners, restricts everyone in the UK except Betty 2, who, the papers gush, is having 50 round for the nosh before she tells the plebs how horrible her anus is this year.
    50? I hate when people pretend they are dyslexic with numbers.

    Betty will probably grab a bottle of vintage Pomagne before heading over the road to Downing St for the evening bash with her sash.
    Her wean Andy won’t go as he has a Feast For One getting delivered from some pizza joint him and his weans never went to.

    Hope we hump Ross County this evening, set the team up nicely for Sunday.


  11. I had no idea you could get a gender neutral passport until just now, and I’m glad we wont be able to get the option here for the time being at least! As i always do i wonder away and put myself in a situation, it would be interesting to see the woman at the easy jet desks confusion when i hand her my passport for scanning and she says thankyou Mr Fitzpatrick have a great flight, like what would they say then? End up getting sued for using the wrong term.

    If it were me working the desk id defo be up for getting the sack and go ‘there you go you silly looking cunt, have a great flight!’

    Who has the time to waste with shite like this?

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  12. The Meedja and Malky are a bit upset that the ref gave 7 minutes extra last night. Feckin’ right, at least that amount for Starfelt’s broken schnozzer, and more for all the subs that came on.
    It’s a bit unsporting for Starfelt to complain about being smashed in the face while the ref totally ignores it and the culprit that did it, no wonder that nice official booked him at the next opportunity to get him sent off. The linesman as usual saw hee haw…quelle surprise.

    Good win with a team full of boys, so, ha ha ha I’m laughin’.


  13. Update: Betty’s 50 person party now cancelled, we’ll now have a collection for a poor old lady left to sit by her one bar fire on Xmas Day……..either that or she’ll have only 49 at the meal and we’ll never hear of it again.
    Ralston’s goal has got right up the many snouts of the Hordes of Mordor……fun isn’t it?

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  14. So Ange had a bit of dinner with Gio, and some on twitter cant believe it, imagine that having a nice chat over a steak dinner, must be photoshopped!

    Out to get the camera with the youngest today, I’ve got this nagging feeling its been nicked but we shall see, if it has ill know who it is, its a very quiet spot but sometime ago I was in the woods setting the trail camera some bloke was watching me, it was really odd, when I left one of his dogs came running out of the woods and startled me and made me jump and then this figure sheepishly came out the woods also, I was saying to myself, you’ve been watching me set them havent you.

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  15. Good to see the RAF using a £200,000 missile to shoot down a drone just a shame they couldn’t get the missile to splatter the twat flying the thing. I see some moaning about the cup final because of covid concerns but it is up to the indidual fans to decide if they want to take the risk. I suspect once Christmas has been and gone we are going to face another lockdown as the new variant rips through the population and just hope the rumours of it not being as severe as the delta variant prove to be true. Stay safe everyone.


  16. Bit of action from this morning, just a few edits, cloud was very low, you cant beat these drones, I’m doing a little bit of research and a write up on the Stour Valley Dragon, this thing was real unlike the loch ness monster… A crocodile this though. Also a terrifying beast that lives amongst us today I’ve termed as ‘The wicked witch of Wormingford weir’ and ill be doing a bit on her, honestly, the most miserable horrible woman you’re likely to come across, just harasses people who use the river and footpaths that go through and alongside her property, there’s a fair bit on her, money clearly doesn’t make you happy, nor living in a quiet picturesque part of the country, but harassing and intimidating peasants going about their lawful activity does.


  17. Well. who won the Hun Penalty sweepstake this week?
    That Tav bloke is going to end up with more lifetime goals than Pele at this rate…..maybe that is his lifetime goal?
    So many questions, life’s confusing at times.

    I expect the powers that be will call a lockdown straight after Hogmanay, thereby getting the Huns in front of an empty Celtic Park. The meddja will then claim that they were equally disadvantaged as their fans weren’t there either.

    Boris De Piffle Waffle denies there was a party in No 10, denies that he was there, and denies that he has denied anything deniable. Apparently “Priti Pathetic has thrown her hat into the ring” to replace the Waffle Master as PM, shame her heid was still in the hat at the time, though I doubt she would notice as it bounced on the stone floor. What is it with Tory women? She’s as thick as shit, Truss is as vacant as a bog door with no catch, and the rest are even worse. If we don’t go for Indy against that lot, then we are fucked.


  18. Cup final day is upon us Bhoys, Ghirls and Pat Bhoy 👍🍀🍀.

    Toady is about us. I’ve never wanted to win a trophy as much as I do this one the day, for big Ange! The big man has worked his arse off to get us playing the best fitbaw I’ve seen for a long time. I know we’re fucked with injuries, plus the MITB are giving the hammer throwers the red light tae kick utter fuck oot us. But let’s win today!
    Alec me Olde son! Spot on aboot the refs as per usual my friend! Is Starman suspended cause ah Wednesday? Young Welsh can step on anyway, big Stardude is getting there, he’ll be a cracker. That wee Bastard Walsh is fourth official, any odds on a injury for a MITB and him stepping in to the foray 🤔🤔.
    Anyway. Fuck him! Fuck Hibs! Fuck The SFA! Fuck Cheating Beaton! And FTQ!!!!
    In Ange we trust Bhoys, Ghirls and Pat Bhoy 🍀🍀🍀💚..


  19. Very quiet over the fence in Mordor tonight almost like the orcs are in mourning. Did I miss anything? Delighted for our manager today as what he has managed in a few months is a miracle. As for our small but perfectly formed Japanese striker what can you say. I wonder how the orcs that laughed and racially abused him feel tonight. All in all a good day.

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  20. Had fireworks going off in the district tonight, usually that’s the Huns celebrating another penalty 1-0 victory, but tonight it was surely the Green and Whites that were rubbing it in. Don’t think it was the Hordes of Mordor congratulating us.

    As you say Frankie, good on Big Ange, deserves it, especially after going for it with Kyogo as starter. All the pundits eating their words after the wee man scored two goals that were absolute classics. Love the way he celebrates with the fans, and how well he gets on with the squad. Quality wins again.
    No failures in the team, but injuries are getting a bit too repetative. Picture of the day was Kyogo getting the hug from Ange.

    Think you put the kiss of death on Starfelt in the second half as well, Frankie, he had some moments that should be in the horror video at the end of season. Was turned upside down by Hibs. Needs to get his composure back for Wednesday. Shame cause he had a good first half. Still, never gave up, and came out a winner.

    Great game though, entertaining from start to finish, shame it was played in such a dump, and with a pitch that looked as though the cattle had been grazing on it for a week.


  21. Good morning Pat et al.

    There’s the first of many to adorn Anges cabinet. Played Hibs off the park first half but we hadn’t killed them off. Good on them for making a fist of it but sooperally got it bang on (choking). We deserved it. The better team won and ye couldny huv scripted it better. Ange hugging wee Kyogo was like a wean rushing tae see their da at the airport when returning hame. Lovely. 💚👍

    Ah was hoping wee Mikey wid huv turned it on but wisny tae be. He wisny too bad. Starfelt had a mare second hof and gies me the jitters but he’s hud great games, so here’s hoping. Efter January, this side wil become unstoppable. Ange went a season in Oz unbeaten wae Brisbane Roar. Now, in Oz, there’s a salary cap, so ye canny joost buy the best players available. Every team is merr or less equal and the difference is in the coaching. No mean feat. In Ange we trust.

    Western Australia is opening its borders on 5th February apparently. The rest of Oz is opened and the omnicron has appeared immediately. Probably back tae mask wearing which is a pain in the tits. We’ve lived normally fur the last two years apart fae an odd scare. Premier wanted 90% double jagged noo it’s the 3rd wan. Oh well. Is whit it is. Canny get hame fur funerals which is very annoying but canny start changing the rules joost tae suit me.

    Anyway, ah hope ye aw huv a lovely time oor Christmas and there’s nae dramas. Pat, ah hope yer health hods up and it’s a good time had by aw. Take care folks and the titles coming back tae Celtic. 💚👍🎄


  22. Good morning from Jockistan. I see the operation to sell a few Sevco players is stepping up a gear with Aribo and Kamara being put in the shop window. No mention of the twenty million pound man El Burro these days. If Phil is correct Mike Ashley is likely to take a large wad of cash out of Sevco in the new year so any sales would be a big help for Scotlands youngest club. Phil has been predicting a meltdown of Sevco for years and just wish he would get it right one time. Meanwhile Celtic continue to be linked with about half of the J league as the transfer windae looms.


  23. Wonder how many Celtic fans out the 500 allowed in will be in Parkheid for the Huns game?

    If you take out the Board, their hangers-on, the corporates, security, the Hun hierarchy, etc,, should be half a dozen left to shout “fuck the Huns on New Year’s Day” once, before being kettled by a polis horse and a traffic warden, and huckled out the match.


  24. MERRY CHRISTMAS PAT & ALL THE GUYS ON HERE, especially Hector who will be trying on his new cords & browsing tractors weekly as we speak!

    GOD bless the POPE!

    Cam, can you remove the cooker from your front garden please.

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  25. Happy Xmas one and all etc etc.

    Have had a right laugh on Xmas Eve, yep, I saw Shagger MacGregor’s brain fart on the news as he lectured us all on “sporting integrity”……irony has been bypassed yet again.
    Need a win at Perth tomorrow, so c’mon the Hoops.

    Cheers to all, enjoy the turkey today.
    Enjoy the Turkey soup tomorrow.
    Enjoy the Turkey sandwich on Monday.
    Enjoy the Turkey curry on Tuesday,
    Kill the dug with the bones on Wednesday.

    Happy days

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    1. Merry Chrimbo Alec me Olde son.
      Yes Mcgreegsy pontificating aboot sporting integrity whilst taking a wage of a club that stole a deids club’s history. Aye nae brother. Wanker!! In Ange we trust Bhoys, Ghirls and Pat Bhoy 👍🍀🍀


  26. Shat masel’ today when I heard the Greek assasin Barkas was back in goal, took an hour to clean up the mess. But give the guy his due he was alright everytime I peeked out from behind the couch. Still;

    Depleted Bhoys did well today, some good football, goals again, and 3 points.

    Ange stuffed the Skyster bloke with the daft question which was a joy to see and hear. Good man that bloke.
    Shame about Kyogo, but Ange don’t look to give a shit, so all is well there. No doubt all back to normal for the Covid team in 3 weeks.
    Amazing how the Huns are immune to the little covid critter. About time the NHS was taking blood samples from them to clone their anti bodies….though as they’re anti everyone, their blood could be a backward step for humanity and peace.
    Fat Boydie wanted VAR for Abada’s first goal….he actually wants a kick in the baws for being a twat.

    So into 3 weeks of whatever humans do when there is no football to watch, suppose I’ll have to watch re-runs of the Queen’s Message and find out what it is all about, see if she has a pile cure for the Arso Horrible she had last year. Could do with it myself if it is any good.

    Apparently, gushed a Tory rag online, she didn’t mention Meghan, Harry or Andrew…..who would? hardly have the Cotswolds abuzz with her saying:

    “Hate that wee woke bitch, and her man whose maw shagged that Hewit arsehole….won’t be gettin any o’ ma jewels when ah go! As fur that useless prick the auld chook gave me when ah was drunk wan night, he’s no shaggin’ weans and expectin me to bail him out any more. I’ve spent all ma pension money on briefs fur that horse shaggin bastart, and he still won’t go oot furra pizzas when ah ask him”

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  27. A merry Christmas Pat et al,🎄🎄
    Hope ye aw had a ball.
    The bhoys picked up the last 3 points needed before we gear up and steamroller these orange bast*rds efter the break. Apparently wan of the Japs is in London wae the other two following on. If these three ur successful as kyogo, that J league is gonny get pillaged something rotten.

    Phil’s telling us that fat Mikey is due his dosh in January. Ah cin see slippy taking that wee scouse git south fur a bargain price. Just offer us something slippy, we’re desperate 😂😂😂 Big Ange joost rattled that Sky prick wae wan. A complete breath of fresh air. Huv that ya prick. Magic. Big Rogic must’ve. hated that Lennon. Whit a fucking player. Tae think he could dae aw that and Lennon hud him sub or drapped. Fantastic to joost sit back and admire a fitba brain like that in action.

    COVID’s here. Don’t get too Dundee Utd. Oor mighty leader hus jammed shut everything again. Masks oan in shoppies or crowded places so al no be going shopping often then. Discos ur shut. That’s ma prowling days over fur a wee while. Booster booked fur Wednesday. Track n trace is trying its best but when wankers think it disnae apply tae them, it makes life joost that wee bit harder. Every day ah scan the wee code when ah go tae work. Wee gaffer looks at me strangely and asks me whit am dain.🤡 He’s the fucking gaffer an aw. Am beyond niceties and joost tell him tae fuck off. Idiot.

    Apparently a guy came in fae QLD. Negative at first. Booked intae a backpackers hostel and then went jigging. Felt no well, did a test and it came back positive. Backpackers urny societies most reliable citizens. Many of these are foreign and apparently smoke funny fags in copious amounts but it’s no up tae me tae judge. So it’s a pain in the tits till 4th January. Oh well.

    Huv a lovely new year bhoys and ghirls and take it easy. 💚👍


  28. Afternoon Bhoys, Ghirls and Pat Bhoy 👍🍀.
    Another year comes tae an end. Thank fuck, like the wan before it, it was fucking pure Colin Nish! Bat flu ma fucking George Bernards!! I’m no getting started.

    Good tae see us getting in the Bhoys fae the the rising sun🇯🇵⛩️㊙️. I’m gonnae start watching episodes of Tenko on UK Gold. Fuck the Brits!!

    Alec me Olde son. The Bhoy Johnston hisnae got it pal, I think his namesake in Downing Street wid be just as effective.
    Mad Barney Rubble man! How mad is that cunt😳. Krankie up here though is more of a Tory than he is so we have really jumped the fucking shark!!
    All the best Bhoys, Ghirls and Pat Bhoy. In Ange we trust 🍀🍀🍀💚💚

    Liked by 1 person

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