Imagine, if you will, two young lads at their grandfather’s house, with their family. “Give us a song!” says Granda, following which the boys burst into a song they’ve been hearing on the radio, I Can See Clearly Now. Granda loses the nut, “That’s wan-y they fuckin’ reggae songs, intit? Ah’ll hiv nae ‘darkie’ songs […]


That was a great result for Celtic; especially since everybody expected the worst. No doubt we’ll hear all the stuff about Zenit not having played a competitive match for ages etc. etc. Well, Celtic have about half the team injured, don’t forget about that! The real reason, though, that Zenit didn’t put up the performance […]


Well, it’s that time of year again. The florists in Edinburgh’s New Town are always busy with secretaries buying last-minute bunches of flowers for the boss’s wife, which he needs in order to mollify her for ‘working late’ that day. Other couples are forced to pretend they’re in love for the day, eating silently by […]


As I get older, I am more and more hearing of the deaths of famous people that I knew of and liked when I was younger: actors, sportsmen, musicians etc. The older I get, the less of a shock these deaths are; in fact, I’m almost coming to accept it as a fact of life. […]


Things are getting ridiculous now; well, even more ridiculous than they were before. It’s beginning to look as if Auld Dignity won’t be taking over the Scotland job after all, for whatever reason. Maybe he doesn’t want the job or there’s opposition to his appointment or perhaps they’ve all read JJ’s blog; after all, he’s […]


So Auld Dignity is a ‘surprise candidate’ for the Scotland manager’s job, is he? Is he hell. We were all expecting it. The myth of what this character is supposed to have achieved goes hand-in-hand with the Big Lie and the story that those EBTs and side letters made no difference to Rangers’ capacity for […]


I was having a look about on this website and discovered a few things that I didn’t know existed. I can see how many views my blog has had and which countries they come from. Just like JJ, I’ve found a long list of countries, on every continent (well, apart from Antarctica), where people have […]