I’ve never heard of Hummel but, then, what do I know about it? I can’t tell my Adidas from my elbow. Any tee-shirts, tops and the like that I own are bought by my wife and I don’t particularly care what logo is on it. According to our media, though, Hummel is up there with […]


Back in my teaching days, I sometimes had to leave my class in the hands of a supply teacher while I was off ill or at a course. If they gave the supply teacher a hard time I’d go fucking nuts at them. Some teachers seem to take pride in being the only ones that […]


Right, you lot, you’ll need to stop giving me so much praise on here. I’m choking for a fag and I’m not allowed to smoke in the house but I can’t get my head through the door now to stand outside! The fact that you come here and read, and comment on, this shite is […]


I remember when I was at Stirling University, I think I was in Third Year at the time, there was a palpable sense of panic emanating from the Cottrell Building, where most of the teaching went on. The University Grants Committee, the third tier education equivalent of HM Inspectorate, was on its way. The rumour […]


I wonder if any of you remember those things that some folk used to have in the 70s. It was an inflatable punch bag, about the same size as we were at 10 years old. It was shaped like a Russian doll, had sand in a sealed compartment at the bottom and the image of […]


It’s that time of year again when everyone’s thoughts turn to awards. The ned’s ned, Barry Ferguson, was in the DR giving his opinion on the matter of Player of the Year. Of course, he had to mention Scott Brown because everyone else has and he’d look a bit stupid if he didn’t. Once that […]


Scott Brown must have a cast-iron plate stuffed in his support briefs considering how quickly he recovered from that ‘challenge’. As many others have said, the word ‘challenge’ is hardly appropriate; neither is ‘tackle’. The only ‘tackle’ involved was Broony’s poor plums having those studs stamped down on them. It was an assault, pure and […]