It’s one of those WTF moments when you can’t really believe what you’re seeing on Twitter; you’ve got to go and check it for yourself. Not only is Neo-Gers going to be sponsored by Vaporized, but the company is going to open a store within Ibrox and The Peeppul will be allowed to puff away […]


Hunskelper asked me to explain all the ins-and-outs of the Cold Shoulder and the rest. I’m a bit of a big-headed cunt, as my pupils never tired of letting me know, but I’m a big-headed cunt that knows his limitations. I haven’t a clue when it comes to the world of finance and I’m relying […]


I can’t stand the Daily Record and haven’t bought one for many years. Looking at the website, though, is a necessary evil as I do research for my next book. Yesterday, they had a couple of articles that would convince anybody, if they weren’t already aware, of what a disgusting rag this paper has become. […]


And so, Niko KranjĨar limps off into the sunset, testament to the folly of both Rangers and Neo-Gers. Ever since Rangers knocked back John Hartson because he failed his medical, everybody at Ibrox has been wailing with grief and gnashing their teeth in rage that he went on to do a star turn for Celtic. […]


Let’s see…how to start. Well…to set the record straight and for the avoidance of doubt, Phil Mac Giolla Bhain hasn’t predicted administration, or any other insolvency event, at Ibrox. That wasn’t too hard and it could have been accomplished without a lot of fuss and bother as well. Ever since Neo-Gers started, we’ve had Phil’s […]


It’s JJ here, taking a short break from the Sitonfence Speakeasy to blog to you on this far inferior site. Everybody wants a piece of JJ and this character Anderson thinks that having me on his site will increase his hits so that he can beg more people to buy his books, all of which […]


If you’re old enough, you’ll remember how, back in the 1980s, whenever we had an argument about the name of a film or who appeared in a particular TV programme there was only one recourse to settle the argument. “Ah’m gonny write intae Showbiz Sam!” was usually the final sally. I don’t know anybody that […]